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    Our collection of men's suits has been specially put together for men who are looking for stylish and professional clothing. Whether you have an important business appointment or are attending a formal occasion: we have a suitable suit for every occasion. From black suits to the modern navy blue and sky blue suits. The collection of men's suits from The Garrison offers something for everyone. Shop now quickly, and feel confident and stylish in one of our men's suits. 

    What is a men's suit?

    A men's suit is a suit made of the same fabric. For example, you have two-piece and three-piece suits. A men's suit consists in any case of trousers and a jacket (two-piece suit). When the suit consists of a jacket, waistcoat and trousers, we speak of a three-piece suit. At The Garrison, we have many three-piece suits that are suitable for both formal and casual occasions. We have also created a category page with our most beautiful wedding suits

    What should you pay attention to when buying a men's suit?

    There are several aspects that you should pay attention to when buying a men's suit. Below we provide an overview, so that you always look stylish and confident.  

    • The length of the jacket should be long enough. It is intended to come just over the seat, but certainly not longer.
    • The trousers should fit comfortably. Make sure that the trousers fit well when you stand up straight and that you are sure that you can walk in them all day long. Pleats at the hips also often show if the trousers are too tight
    • Focus on how the suit sits at the shoulders. This cannot be adjusted with most suits (at least, it doesn't get any better). It is therefore also good to know your shoulder size. For a men's suit, the shoulder pad should be positioned where the shoulder ends and the arm begins. Sleeve length and trouser length can be easily adjusted by a tailor.
    • Consider the color and patterns of the suit. It is important that the suit looks good on your skin tone. In general you play “safe” if you choose a black, gray, or blue mens suit.
    • Choose a good fabric for your men's suit. Men's suits often consist of wool, cotton, linen, viscose and/or polyester. Most of The Garrison's men's suits are a mix of wool, polyester and viscose. This makes our suits extra comfortable;
    • Make sure you have matching accessories for your men's suit, such as a tie, a shirt, and shoes.

    How do you wear a suit as a man?

    You have already had a whole list of what to look out for when you are going to buy a men's suit. But then you're not there yet; it is also important that you know how to wear a suit and that you adhere to certain style etiquettes. Below are tips on how to wear a suit like a real man, as it should be. 

    Make sure to “test” your suit first

    You often buy a suit a long time in advance, for a special occasion such as a wedding or a gala. On the other hand, it is also possible that you have not worn your suit for a long time. Have you gained weight, lost weight, become a little bigger or has your shoulder size changed in the meantime? Then it is good to “test” your suit just before the occasion. If necessary, you can purchase last minute a suit that falls nicely on your shoulders. Especially when you have a suit with shoulder padding, it is good to test your suit. It does not look good if the shoulder pad falls over the shoulder.  

    Make sure your tie is darker than your shirt

    Do you want to create a contrast between your tie and your shirt? In many cases, you wear a light shirt under a men's suit. This can be, for example, a white or a light blue shirt. It is then nice if you opt for a dark tie. Nowadays, you also see patterns in the tie more and more often, especially on informal occasions. 

    Always open your jacket when you sit down 

    This has to be one of the most famous style etiquettes. Nothing looks as unstylish as a closed jacket when someone sits down. Unbutton the jacket or, if the occasion permits, take it off. This also prevents the buttons from getting loose. 

    Never close both buttons of your jacket 

    Do you have to stand up again, for example, to give an important speech? Then never close both buttons again. Only the top button should be closed if you are wearing a men's suit. 

    Choose a custom shirt

    At The Garrison you will find different models of shirts that can be perfectly combined with beautiful and stylish jackets. Here too, it is important that you know exactly how a shirt should fit in combination with the jacket. After all, the sleeves of the jacket should be shorter than the sleeves of the shirt. This way the shirt comes out about an inch below the jacket and your outfit gets a classic look.

    Want to know more about style etiquettes? Then quickly read our blog: the art of wearing a suit. Here you can read everything you need to know about buying and wearing your men's suit.

    What is the difference between a men's suit and tuxedo? 

    There is another difference between a men's suit and a tuxedo. You only wear a suit on special occasions, such as a wedding. It can be made of different fabrics, such as wool, cotton or polyester. A suit is in most cases black, but there are also gray and blue suits. You can also wear a men's suit to work or on informal occasions. When choosing a men's suit for an everyday occasion, many more colors and combinations are possible than with a tuxedo. 


    A tuxedo, also known as smoking, is a specific type of suit, often worn to proms and weddings. A tuxedo is usually made of black or dark blue fabric. The suit also consists of a black jacket with satin lapels and matching black trousers. A tuxedo should be matched with black shiny shoes and you can choose a bow tie, or a black tie to pair with it.

    Buy men's suit online

    Buying a men's suit online has never been easier. With our size tool you can easily calculate the size that suits you best. The package is then sent with a form. This form contains a QR code that you can scan. When you scan it, the best tailors in the area will appear on the screen of your phone. Suppose that you still have to make an adjustment. Then you can easily have it done at the tailor in your area. All our suits have extra fabric that is folded inside. A tailor can therefore easily lengthen or shorten your men's suit. Even if your suit is a bit too tight at the waist, a tailor can easily give it a little more room. In addition, the suit can of course also be reduced in the size, when necessary. For example, you can order a men's suit online and you can even have it fully customized in your area.

    Free shipping and returns at The Garrison

    At The Garrison you can easily order all suits online with free shipping and returns. Are you not satisfied or is the suit not right? Then you can easily exchange it for another suit, or opt for your money back. Your return will be processed according to your wishes upon arrival. Are you looking for a nice men's suit for a good price? Then you've come to the right place at The Garrison. We have a suit for every gentleman. Where many suit stores only offer small sizes, we go from sizes for 1 year to 14 years old for children and from 34 US to 52 US for adults. So we have suits for young and adults, but also for gentlemen with a curvier shapes. In addition, we offer suits in different colors. Are you looking for a blue suit? Then that is not a problem with us. We also have a nice selection of brown suits or gray suits. Discover all our men's suits quickly and shop at The Garrison today.