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    A black suit can be worn on many different occasions. Are you getting married? Then you can wear a black suit. Do you have a business meeting? You can also opt for a black suit. Because black is a neutral shade, it can be worn in many cases, even during a funeral. We therefore see that the demand for black suits is enormous. That is why we are happy to tell you everything you need to know before you buy a black suit. 

    A versatile garment for decades 

    The black suit is a timeless classic that has been worn for decades by men and women in a variety of situations, from business meetings to formal events. It is a versatile garment that can be paired with almost any shirt color to create different styles and looks. If you are looking for a traditional and elegant look, a bright white shirt is the perfect choice to combine with a black suit. This creates a timeless and formal look that is suitable for many business and formal occasions. You see that many businessmen opt for a black suit, with a white shirt underneath. 

    How can you combine a black suit beautifully?

    While the black suit is generally considered the most formal color of all, with the right combination it can also make a very creative statement. The use of brightly colored ties, pocket squares or shoes can give the suit a fresh, modern and creative look that will certainly not go unnoticed. Another advantage of the black suit is that it has a timeless style that never goes out of style, making buying a black suit a smart investment. Thirty years from now, the black men's suit will still be suitable for all kinds of occasions, just as it was thirty years ago. 

    Which shoes are best to wear with a black suit? 

    Wearing the right shoes under a black suit is essential to create a stylish and well-groomed appearance. Traditionally, black shoes are worn under a black suit, especially on formal occasions such as weddings, galas and business meetings. For a tuxedo, black patent leather shoes are the most obvious choice. They give a timeless and formal look that matches the chic atmosphere of the occasion. If you are looking for a suit, we also recommend checking out our suit category page

    Derby’s of Oxfords

    While black patent leather shoes are the most traditional choice under a black suit, it is now also acceptable to opt for other types of shoes that suit the occasion, or differ due to personal preference. For example, black leather Derbys or Oxfords can also be a good choice, especially for a business meeting. A classic and simple design ensures - especially with a black suit - a neat and professional appearance.

    What do you do when you can dress a little more casual? 

    If you want to create a more casual or sporty look, there are several options to choose from. For example, you can opt for a pair of black sneakers with a sleek and modern design. This can work especially well for casual occasions or if you want to give your outfit a personal touch. Other alternatives are, for example, black Chelsea boots or black desert boots, which also match well with a black men's suit.

    What is the black tie dress code? 

    The Black Tie dress code is one of the most formal and strict dress codes, mainly used for festive occasions and gala parties. For gentlemen, it is required to wear a tuxedo, which consists of a jacket, trousers and matching accessories. The jacket of the tuxedo has a striking satin collar and is shorter than a regular jacket. The trousers have a satin trim at the side seam and no turn-ups at the trouser legs or belt loops. Under the tuxedo one wears a special shirt with a concealed closure, a bow tie and cufflinks. Smooth, black patent leather shoes are worn as shoes. See also the example below. 

    How did the name "smoking" come about?

    Wearing a tuxedo is an important part of the Black Tie dress code. The name "tuxedo" originated because gentlemen put on a jacket after dinner in the smoking room that was not as expensive as their evening clothes. Today, the tuxedo is only worn on formal occasions and not before 5:30 PM. Over the years, there have been some changes to the rules surrounding the Black Tie dress code, but the basis is still the same: a formal, neat and stylish appearance.

    What does black tie mean to your wife?

    For women, the dress code Black Tie is less strict than for men. A long or short evening dress is appropriate, but a prom dress is always a good choice. It is important that the dress meets the formal dress code and has a well-groomed appearance. Matching accessories, such as a beautiful clutch and a pair of stylish pumps with heels, complete the outfit.

    When should you not wear a black suit? 

    A black suit is not always the best choice. In some cases, it can be too formal and give the wrong impression. For example on less formal occasions, such as an informal dinner or meeting up with your group of friends, a black suit can come across as too formal and distant. In these cases it is better to opt for a suit that exudes more of a relaxed and informal style. 

    The black suit is therefore an indispensable item in the wardrobe of every style-conscious man, but it is important to wear and combine it correctly to achieve the desired look. Fortunately, at The Garrison we offer many colors of suits, all with their own charms. 

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    Are you looking for a new black suit? Then we definitely recommend viewing our black suits for men at the top of this page. Here you will find a wide range of stylish and high-quality black suits, which are perfect for a formal occasion or an important appointment, but also ordinary everyday black suits. The classic black suit can be endlessly combined with different shirts and accessories, so buying a black suit is always a good choice. Furthermore, at The Garrison we are always there for you with excellent service. Need help? Just contact us.