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    Step back in time with a Great Gatsby Outfit!

    It is common knowledge that the 20s of the last century were extremely elegant years. It was the time of the Great Gatsby, the classic 1974 movie starring Robert Redford. His style is still very popular and is associated with a classic, elegant style. But what exactly is a Great Gatsby outfit? We are happy to tell you more about this classic style, where you can buy a Great Gatsby outfit for men and how to look stylish.


    What is the Great Gatsby Outfit?

    The Great Gatsby outfit is a classic stylish look from the 1920s. It is inspired by the clothing style of the characters from the classic film The Great Gatsby. It's a perfect way to create a stylish retro look that never goes out of style. The look is ideal for formal occasions such as gala parties, weddings, birthdays or even a night out.

    History of the Great Gatsby Outfit
    The Great Gatsby style is inspired by the clothing style of the characters from the classic 1974 movie The Great Gatsby. The style is inspired by the 1920s style, a time of decadence, style and luxury. The style was very popular in those years, but it became popular again in the 1970s when the movie was made. The style has remained a classic ever since.

    Parts of the Great Gatsby Outfit

    A Great Gatsby outfit consists of several parts. The basis of the look is a tweed suit with a waistcoat. The suit can be dark, light or pastel colored. A white or black tie is a must, as is a white shirt. Men can also wear a tuxedo, but only if the dress code allows it. The look is completed with a pair of shoes, such as Oxfords or loafers.

    Styling tips for the Great Gatsby style

    If you want to wear a Great Gatsby outfit, here are some styling tips to look stylish:

    • Choose a tweed suit with a waistcoat. Tweed is a classic material that is the perfect material for the Great Gatsby look. At The Garrison we have many tweed suits that are perfect for the Great Gatsby look.
    • Choose a white or black tie to match the suit.
    • Choose a white or light blue shirt.
    • Wear a pair of Oxford shoes or loafers.
    • Accessorize with a tie, a pocket watch and a baker's cap.


    Tweed suits– The perfect choice for 1920s style

    Tweed suits are the perfect choice for the Great Gatsby look. They are made of a thick fabric and often have a classic pattern. They are perfect for formal occasions, but can also be worn for casual parties. They are very stylish and are known for their durable quality.


    Accessories to complete the look

    Accessories complete a Great Gatsby look. A tie, a pocket watch and a baker's cap are perfect accessories to complete the look. You can also wear stylish suspenders to complete your outfit.


    Where can you buy the great Gatsby outfits?

    If you're looking for a great Gatsby outfit, there are several places to shop. There are many shops that sell vintage Gatsby clothing, but if you want to be provided with a good Great Gatsby outfit quickly, you can order it easily and quickly at The Garrison. We have a great selection of tweed suits and accessories that are perfect for the Great Gatsby look.


    The Gentlemens look

    Always combine your three-piece suit with some beautiful eye-catching accessories. Furthermore, a cigar and a glass of whiskey are good for appearing like a real gentleman. 😉


    Tips for Wearing a Great Gatsby Outfit

    Wearing a Great Gatsby outfit is always a great choice. This way you relive the 1920 style as it was then. For a wonderful evening, complete the outfit and make sure you blow everyone away.

    • A nice suit is a must! If you really want to look good, choose a tweed suit.
    • A matching tie is definitely recommended. The Great Gatsby often chooses black or white. But at The Garrison we have several knitted ties that are perfect in the 1920s style.
    • A white or light blue shirt comes across as calm and neat. So choose 1 of these colors to look good.
    • Wear Oxford shoes or loafers.
    • Accessories such as a pocket watch and a baker's cap are perfect to complete the Great Gatsby look. Attach your pocket watch to your waistcoat so that the chain is visible.
    • Make sure your whole outfit is stylish.


    Order your great Gatsby outfit online!

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