Pocket watches, also known as pocketwatches, are watches that you can carry in your pocket rather than on your wrist. They have been popular since the 16th century and have taken on various forms over the years.

    The origin of the pocketwatch dates back to the timepieces created during the Renaissance. These were worn on a chain or cord and were used to measure time during travels or important events. In the 17th century, pocket watches became smaller and more precise, gaining popularity among both men and women.

    How Does a Pocketwatch Work?

    Pocketwatches operate in the same way as other watches, with a dial, hands, and a movement powered by a spring. Some pocketwatches also have complications such as a chronograph or an alarm. Most pocketwatches need to be manually wound, but there are also quartz pocketwatches powered by a battery.

    While pocketwatches were once worn as a symbol of status or as an accessory with formal attire, they are less commonly worn today. However, they remain popular among collectors and those who appreciate vintage style. Some wear them as a statement piece or as an alternative to a wristwatch, while others use them as a practical tool to check the time.

    How to Wear a Pocketwatch?

    If you want to wear a pocketwatch, it's essential to choose one with a good chain for easy attachment. Often, these chains are included with the pocketwatch you purchase. Various types of chains are available, from thick gold chains to thin, subtle ones. You can attach the chain of your pocketwatch to the buttonhole of your waistcoat and then let it drop into the pocket of your waistcoat, or you can attach it to your trousers if you're not wearing a waistcoat, allowing it to rest in your trouser pocket.


    Pair Your Three-Piece Suit with a Pocketwatch

    A pocketwatch is a fantastic detail to add to your three-piece suit. So, if you're looking for something extra or want to emulate the style of Thomas Shelby, a pocketwatch is a must-have accessory that shouldn't be overlooked.

    Buying a Pocketwatch Online

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