Size Chart

Get advice via size guide

Ordering clothing online can sometimes be tricky. That's why we're here to help you determine the size that suits you best. Click on the size guide button displayed with each suit. You'll find the button for each suit under the add to cart button. Enter your height and weight and select your body type. Then press calculate your size, so the best-fitting size will appear on your screen.

It's most likely that this size will fit you. If it turns out to be different after trying it on, you can return the suit for a different size or even a refund for free.

Bonus tip!

Have the suit tailored by a tailor: Whether you buy a suit in-store or online, it's almost never perfect right away. Sometimes a suit fits perfectly right away. But if the trousers, waistcoat, or jacket are slightly loose, or the trouser legs or sleeves are too long, have them tailored by a tailor. Tailoring a suit is not expensive. This way, you'll have a perfectly fitting suit for a good price via

Size Chart & Advice

Below, you'll find the size chart indicating which size suits you best. If you're unsure, you can also provide your height and weight via chat. You'll receive advice on the best size for you. If it turns out later that the size doesn't fit you, you can return the product for a different size for free.

How do I know what size to order for Caps?

To determine the correct cap size, it's essential to know your head circumference. You can measure your head circumference with a measuring tape. Once you know your head circumference, you can see which size suits you best. By selecting an option, the sizes will appear. You can then choose the size based on your head circumference. For example, if you have a head circumference of approximately 57 cm, size M is the most suitable for you. If your head circumference is about 61 cm, go for XL.