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    Men's suits and three-piece suits

    There are plenty of stylish men's suit in the world . But buying a nice complete three-piece suit full of accessories for an affordable price is sometimes quite a challenge. A men's suit should suit you well in terms of color, style and fit.

    Buy men's suits at The Garrison

    Do you want to buy a men's suit but you don't know exactly where to start? No problem, at The Garrison we have a wide choice of three-piece suits. We have suits in different colors. Of course, we sell the most popular colors such as navy blue suits, gray suits and brown suits. But we also offer beautiful red and green suits for affordable prices.

    What do you need for a complete men's suit?

    Do you want a men's suit that complete? Then make sure you buy a three-piece suit. A three-piece suit consists of a jacket, waistcoat and trousers. This way you can choose whether you prefer to wear the suit with or without a waistcoat. But a combination with just a waistcoat and trousers is also very suitable for warmer days. If you have a three-piece suit, it is easier to adapt your outfit to any occasion. In addition to a three-piece men's suit, you can also go for numerous accessories to complete your suit even further.

    Which accessories go with my men's suit?

    To look good, there are many accessories that you can have with your suit. For example, you can opt for a pocket watch and a tie clip if you go for the classic look! But you can also opt for a beautiful matching tie with pocket square in the breast pocket of your jacket. A nice addition to your men's suit is a shirt with cufflinks. Cufflinks are interchangeable. This way you can change small details and, therefore, always look stylish. You can also opt for a belt or suspenders. Because we love the classic look at The Garrison, we always recommend adding a pair of nice suspenders to your outfit. If you want the suit to be complete, add the accessories below!

    • Shirt
    • Tie or bow tie
    • Pocket square
    • Pocketwatch of horloge
    • Tie pin
    • Lapel Pin
    • Matching shoes
    • Cufflinks
    • Suspenders or belt
    • Baker cap or hat

    Of course you can play with it and it is not necessary that you use all the above accessories at the same time. Some men prefer a complete suit, while others only the basics. You can make it as crazy as you want! 😉

    Basics for your men's suit

    The most important basics for wearing a men's suit are the Jacket, the Waistcoat and the trousers. In addition, accessories that should not be missing are a pair of matching shoes and a matching shirt. Match the shoes with your suit. If you wear a suit with a busy pattern, go for a pair of plain shoes and match it with a monochrome shirt. Do you have a plain suit? Then it can easily be matched with a shirt with print.

    What color men's suit?

    The color of the suit you have to wear depends on several things. Important things are to take into account are: what occasion are you going to wear the suit for? What season are you going to wear it in and what is the weather of the day you are going to wear it? In any case, a Navy blue suit or anthracite gray is always a good choice. In addition, there are some small guidelines that are useful when choosing a new suit. In the winter, you should wear dark colors. For example grey, navy blue and or brown, or dark green. While in the summer you should rather go for light colors. Light blue, green, lilac, light gray etc.

    Men's suit fabrics

    Men's suits are available in many different fabrics. One fabric that is still used in suits is wool. Wool ventilates and retains heat. Many people think that wool is only suitable for winter. But because wool ventilates, it is always nice to have a certain percentage of it in the fabric of your suit. In addition to wool, viscose is often used nowadays. This is a special fabric that feels just as fine as cotton and is just as soft as silk, because viscose is a synthetic fiber, very suitable for good quality clothing, without being expensive. It is wrinkle-resistant, retains its shape and its color well, and is soft and pleasant to wear. If you want to go for the more expensive men's suits, you will often see fabrics such as pashmina or Vicuna. But do you want an affordable suit of good quality? Then a suit with a mix of viscose, elastane and/or wool is perfect.


    The right approach for a tailor-made men's suit

    Are you going to order the men's suit online at The Garrison? Then make sure you follow these steps. You can also order a men's suit online and have it adjusted by a tailor afterward.

    Make sure you use the size advice tool before ordering. You can find it under every shopping cart button with every suit we offer. Enter your height and weight here and calculate the size. This way you can see which clothing size suits you best. If you use this tool, the size will already be perfect in most cases. The suit will be sent to you as soon as possible. After receiving the order, you will also receive an email with all the information for what you can do to get your suit tailored if it does not fit you perfectly. Do you want to read those instructions now? You can find out how you like your men's suit here perfectly tailored suit makes.


    Suit sizes for every age and stature

    We offer men's suits for the whole family. You can even order from us also a suit for the youngest children. The ages for which we offer suits range from 1 year to 14 years. The sizes go from 34 US to 52 US. In addition to offering these sizes, we also take into account that the suits need some adjustments from time to time. For example, some extra fabric has been added in so that a suit can easily be widened or reduced in the size. At the same time, it is also possible to lengthen or shorten the pants or the sleeves. It is not a problem with the suits from The Garrison. And is the suit really too small or too big and adjusting it is not an option? Then you can easily return it for free via our return portal.

    Order men's suits online at The Garrison

    You can easily order a men's suit from The Garrison online. Because we exclusively sell on online, we work every day to fully optimize the online process, so that the processing of the order is fast and smooth. Our team is also ready to help you online if you have any questions. You can contact us via the green button at the bottom left.