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    Blue Suit

    A handsome blue suit always looks great, no matter where you wear it. They are stylish and perfect to pair with various accessories. Blue suits are suitable for any occasion, whether it's a wedding or a business event. At The Garrison, you'll find a beautiful selection of blue suits in different shades. Take a look at our collection now.

    Why Choose a Blue Suit?

    More and more men are opting for a blue suit. Some even argue that the blue suit has surpassed the black suit in popularity. Judging by our orders, that might just be true. Blue suits are incredibly popular, and there's a lot of variety in blue suits. Black is often seen as a sober, classic color, while blue suits tend to lean towards a more casual style. This makes a blue suit perfect for weddings and parties. Furthermore, a blue suit is easy to style, for example, with a white dress shirt or a white t-shirt. Because blue is more casual, you can also deviate more easily from clothing etiquettes. Lastly, blue is associated with calmness because it's a cooling color.

    Considerations When Choosing a Suit Color

    Your suit says a lot about what you want to convey. Do you want to appear professional, friendly, stylish, or flamboyant? Take into account the type of occasion when choosing your suit color. But that's not the only factor to consider. Also, think about your skin tone and the color of your hair. Make sure it matches the color of your suit to create a harmonious outfit.

    Different Suit Colors

    Generally, lighter suits convey a more relaxed image. Light suits are suitable for informal occasions. Blue suits symbolize authority, loyalty, and reliability, making them ideal for business events. For very formal events, a black suit remains the best choice. A black suit exudes authority and is perfect for showing that you're in charge.

    The Garrison's Collection of Blue Suits

    Within The Garrison's collection, we offer many types of blue suits. We also provide various styles for young and old. We even have blue suits for children. Above this text, you'll find all our suits and discover our best deals. If you're unsure or need advice, feel free to contact us. We're here to assist you.

    How to Style a Blue Suit?

    Styling a blue suit is quite simple. Since blue is a vibrant color, it's best to choose for a light-colored dress shirt. Choose subtle tones and avoid primary colors as much as possible. You can consider light brown or light pink for your shirt, but white is probably the best choice. White complements a dark blue suit beautifully. When choosing a blue suit, it's important to stick to calm colors for the rest of your attire. Avoid patterns except for the tie, which we'll discuss shortly.

    What Color Shirt with a Blue Suit?

    Most often, a white dress shirt is chosen to accompany a blue men's suit. This is because blue is already a dominant, vibrant color. However, you can also go for a light blue or light gray shirt, or another subtle, light color. If you choose for a light blue suit, we always recommend a white shirt.

    What Color Tie with a Blue Men's Suit?

    The beauty of a blue suit is that it pairs well with many tie options. A tie with a red base is often recommended and works especially well with a light blue shirt. Highly contrasting colors like purple, orange, and yellow should be avoided for a tie with a blue suit. Try to keep the color subtle, but a pattern in the tie is acceptable.

    What Color Belt with a Blue Suit?

    Each suit color pairs best with its own belt color. A cognac-colored belt looks great with a blue suit. You can also choose a belt that matches the exact shade of blue in your suit, but ensure it's an exact match to avoid clashing. If you're buying a blue men's suit, we always recommend a cognac-colored belt. If you prefer a different suit color, such as black or gray, we suggest a black belt. For a brown or beige suit, a chocolate-colored belt is often preferred.

    What Shoes with a Blue Suit?

    In principle, you can wear black or blue shoes (for formal occasions) with a blue suit, but we often recommend brown shoes. Dark blue pairs beautifully with dark brown, even though they are contrasting colors. If you choose a light blue suit, you can also consider light brown men's shoes. However, for a dark blue suit, we do not recommend this. If the occasion is informal, you can even style your blue suit with stylish white sneakers.

    What's Your Preferred Look?

    How you style your suit depends entirely on your personal preference. There are different styles to consider. You have the more classic/business look and the more flamboyant appearance. In the first case, you choose a blue suit with a white dress shirt and shoes in black or blue. When opting for blue shoes, make sure the shade of blue matches the suit. You play it safe this way. For the business look, it's less common to choose cognac-colored shoes.


    If you're going for a casual and more relaxed look, you can choose for cognac-colored shoes. Also, if you're wearing a blue suit casually, you can experiment more with the type of dress shirt. For example, you can choose a patterned shirt with a subtle tie. You might not even need suit pants; a pair of smart trousers could suffice. Of course, this depends on the occasion.

    Buy Your Blue Suit at The Garrison

    At The Garrison, we offer various types of men's suits, including blue men's suits. We provide high-quality suits made from premium materials. If you order your blue suit before 23:59, it will be delivered the next day. If the suit doesn't fit perfectly, you can always return it for free.