The art of wearing a suit

The art of wearing a suit

Many men look perfect when they put on a nice suit. However, there are enough things to consider that can prevent the look from being exactly as you envision it. By knowing exactly what to look for when buying a new suit, you can avoid the pitfalls that may lead to you not looking as stylish as you'd like. You certainly want to avoid this at all costs. After all, you're investing a decent amount in a nice suit, so you should be able to confidently step out into the world. Wearing a suit is an art in itself, but one that you can learn. By purchasing a suit in Great Gatsby style or according to the Peaky Blinders era from The Garrison, you can ensure that half the work is already done. Now, you just need to find the right way to wear your latest acquisition with confidence. Here are some tips to complete the look.

Proper Fit for the Overall Look

A well-tailored suit is an absolute must if you want a suit to fit well and complement the contours of your body. The better the fit, the more likely the suit will offer the desired appearance you're looking for. The suit should fit like it's made just for your body type. Of course, you can achieve this by taking the suit to a tailor if it doesn't quite meet these criteria. Not every suit is a perfect fit for every online shopper, but The Garrison's suits are of such excellent quality that little effort is needed to make the suit fit perfectly. A proper fit is exactly what you need to give a suit the right shape and complete the look.

Matching Trousers for a Custom Suit

To achieve a successful Great Gatsby look during the Speakeasy era, get a 3-piece suit from The Garrison. Here, you'll find exquisite suits that specifically capture the Peaky Blinders atmosphere and will undoubtedly leave an irresistible impression. However, this only works if you also choose well-fitting trousers that perfectly match the jacket's style. It's important that the trousers complement the suit's style, so you're not wearing two different styles. A slim-fit suit calls for slim-fit trousers. To match the ensemble properly, you need to wear trousers that fit well and can be worn without a belt or suspenders. It makes a big difference to the overall look whether or not you need suspenders or a belt since it also gives the jacket a different appearance. A well-fitted pair of trousers offers many possibilities to be paired with various attractive jackets.

Cuffs or Turn-ups on Trousers

To complete the look stylishly, it's an excellent choice to choose trousers with turn-ups at the bottom. This is also known as a cuff and should be about five centimeters wide. You certainly don't want the trouser legs to be too long, as it gives a very unkempt appearance. Trouser legs also need to be adjusted to size so you can achieve a completely polished look. A tailor can help with this. At The Garrison, you can easily select custom trousers using a clear size chart. This way, you can be sure that your Great Gatsby outfit fully meets the right style, and you won't be walking around looking out of place. If the size still deviates slightly from the correct length, you can always have it adjusted by a tailor. You never pay too much for a nice 3-piece suit at The Garrison, so any alterations will not be expensive either.

Custom-Fit Shirts

At The Garrison, you'll find various shirt models that go perfectly with the elegant and stylish jackets. Here too, it's important to know exactly how a shirt should fit in relation to the jacket. The jacket's sleeves should be shorter than the shirt sleeves. This way, the shirt extends about a centimeter below the jacket, giving your outfit a classic look. With the beautiful jackets and shirts in Great Gatsby style from The Garrison, you can truly make an impression. Especially if you also carefully observe the button etiquette. The bottom buttons of both the shirt and the jacket should be unbuttoned. Unless you're sitting down, then you can also unbutton the top button for comfort. On the shirt itself, the top button should be fastened so that the tie can be neatly folded around it. Collar buttons may be unfastened. The tie should be pulled tight with a thick knot. The tie tip should just reach the edge of the pants; then, it's properly done. This way, you make a stylish impression on everyone, and you come across as confident. These small details truly make a big difference.

Shoes Complete the Look

In addition to the suit, the choice to add beautiful black shoes to your wardrobe is just as important. Shoes complete the entire look and add that extra finishing touch to style your outfit to perfection. Opt for brogues or derbies in black or brown, depending on the type of suit you've chosen. At The Garrison, you'll find plenty of stylish accessories to complete the outfit. This way, you can convince everyone of your sense of fashion, and no one will think twice about taking you seriously. By combining the different elements of a stylish look, you can be sure that everything is perfectly coordinated. Wearing a suit becomes a natural choice, and you no longer have to worry about it.