What makes a suit a real wedding suit?

What makes a suit a true wedding suit?

There's something special about choosing a wedding suit. You're about to be part of a celebration of love and commitment, and you want to look your best. But what sets a wedding suit apart from a regular suit? What makes a suit a true wedding suit? Keep reading to find out. 

First Things First: The Tuxedo Dilemma

A tuxedo is a classic and formal option for grooms. You can recognize a tuxedo by its satin details: lapels, pocket trim, buttons, and satin stripes on the trousers. Tuxedos are typically black or white and can be single- or double-breasted. But does wearing a tuxedo mean it's the ultimate wedding suit? Not necessarily. You can have a beautiful wedding without wearing a tuxedo, and many people do.

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Can a Regular Suit Serve as a Wedding Suit?

A common question is: can a regular suit serve as a wedding suit? The answer is yes, but there are some considerations. A suit can be worn without a tie, especially if it's a casual suit and comfort is important. Also, a linen suit can be a good choice for a summer wedding, provided it's well coordinated with the rest of the outfit and the wedding dress code (see also our summer suits). 

The Wedding Suit vs. the Regular Suit

A wedding suit often has unique features and accessories that you won't find in a standard suit. For formal weddings, for example, a tuxedo complete with satin lapels, satin pocket trim, satin buttons, and satin stripes on the trouser legs is the norm. Even the structure of a wedding suit can vary from that of a regular suit. A tuxedo can be double-breasted or have just one button, while a regular suit usually has two buttons.

From a Business Suit to a Wedding Suit 

While business suits and wedding suits often resemble each other, there are subtle differences. A dark suit and tie are often acceptable for a formal wedding. However, if the wedding doesn't have a formal dress code, you can also wear a lighter suit. There are many different styles available, from classic black suits to more casual khaki or brown suits, to modern blue suits, or even burgundy suits. Feel free to browse around our webshop and discover which suit suits you best. We have added a size chart to all our products, so you can be sure that your wedding suit fits well. 

Color is Crucial

When choosing a wedding suit, consider the color. Suppose the dress code isn't black-tie or white-tie. In that case, a dark gray or navy blue suit is a safe choice. These colors are versatile and work for both formal and casual ceremonies.

However, the time of day can also influence the color choice. For an early wedding, it's better to choose lighter colors like white or light blue, while for an evening event, darker colors like black or navy blue are preferable. If you would like personal advice, feel free to contact us

Accessories Complete Your Wedding Suit

Accessories are also important in transforming a regular suit into a wedding suit. For a black-tie wedding, the traditional outfit includes a black bow tie, black tuxedo jacket, white shirt, cufflinks, an optional vest or cummerbund, fitted black trousers, and oxford shoes (usually black and shiny). But remember, even if you're not wearing a tuxedo, the right accessories can elevate your suit.

Which Wedding Suit to Choose for a Beach or Cocktail Wedding? 

For beach weddings or informal evening receptions, blazers are popular. As the evening progresses and the dancing begins, you can take off the jacket. Also, if you're attending a beach wedding, a tie can make you feel too warm and uncomfortable. In this case, it's acceptable to wear a suit without a tie. Always consider the type of wedding it is and the environment you're in. Also, it's always good to check the weather forecast before your exciting day begins. 

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No One Wedding Suit Fits Everyone Perfectly

There's no set rule for what makes a wedding suit. It all depends on your wedding style and personal taste. Whether you choose a tuxedo, a navy blue suit, or a casual linen suit, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident on your big day. Because ultimately, what makes a suit a true wedding suit is that it reflects the love, joy, and excitement of the person wearing it. And no other suit can do that. 

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