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    Are you searching for the perfect pair of Oxford shoes to add an elegant and timeless touch to your wardrobe? Look no further because at The Garrison, you're in the right place! Our collection of Oxford shoes includes a variety of models, colors, and materials that pair beautifully with our men's suits and peaky blinders outfits. Whether you're seeking a classic pair for formal occasions or a fashionable variant to elevate your daily outfits, we have it all.

    How Long Has the Oxford Shoe Been Around?

    The Oxford shoe traces its origins back to the 19th century, around the early 1800s. The design was inspired by a shoe style popular among students at the University of Oxford, hence the name "Oxford." While the exact year of its inception is not known, we can say that the Oxford shoe has been in existence for well over two centuries and has evolved into a timeless and refined footwear loved worldwide.

    What Makes a Shoe a Genuine Oxford?

    The secret lies in the distinctive details and construction. Oxford shoes, also known as Balmorals, originated in 19th-century Scotland and Ireland and have since become a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Let's delve deeper into the specific elements that make a shoe a true Oxford:

    Closed Lacing System: The most notable feature of an Oxford shoe is its closed lacing system. This means that the eyelets are attached in a closed loop to the quarters (the side panels of the shoe), causing them to fall under the vamp (the front part of the shoe). This creates a sleek and streamlined appearance, contributing to the shoe's formal look.

    Toe Styles: The toe of an Oxford shoe can vary in style, from simple and unadorned (plain toe) to more detailed versions with brogue-like embellishments (cap toe, wingtip). These toe styles can influence the shoe's level of formality, with simpler toes often more suitable for formal occasions.

    Brogue Details: While brogue details are not always present on Oxford shoes, they can add a more intricate and refined appearance. Brogues are decorative perforations along the edges and seams of the shoe. They can vary in complexity, from simple perforations to intricate patterns covering the entire shoe.

    Materials: Material choice plays a significant role in determining the quality and appearance of an Oxford shoe. High-quality leather, such as calf leather, is the most common choice for formal Oxford shoes, while suede and other materials can offer a more casual option.

    Construction: The way an Oxford shoe is constructed is crucial for comfort and durability. Goodyear Welt construction, a traditional method where the sole and upper are stitched together with a strip of leather (the welt), is known for its excellent durability and ease of repair.

    Are you looking for genuine Oxfords? Check out our extensive collection at the top of this page. If you order today, we'll ship your new Oxfords tomorrow, ensuring you have a new pair of Oxfords from The Garrison in your hands super quickly.

    What's the Difference Between Oxfords and Derbys?

    Oxfords and Derbys are two classic styles of men's shoes that are often confused due to their similarities, but they differ in their lacing system and construction. Oxfords are characterized by their closed lacing system, where the tongue is under the front flap, and the eyelets are closely sewn together. This creates a sleek and streamlined look. On the other hand, Derbys have an open lacing system, with the tongue visible, and the eyelets attached to two separate flaps. This generally makes Derbys more comfortable and better suited for wider feet. While both styles are suitable for formal occasions, Oxfords are typically considered more elegant and formal than Derbys.





    On Which Occasions Can You Wear Oxford Shoes?

    Oxford shoes are a versatile choice for both formal and semi-formal occasions, thanks to their elegant and refined appearance. Men can wear them at business meetings, weddings, formal dinners, and job interviews, where they make a professional and stylish impression. They are also suitable for semi-formal occasions like cocktail parties and anniversary celebrations and can even be worn in a casual variation for daily use, depending on the work environment and, of course, your personal style. At The Garrison, we're here to help you find the best Oxfords that match your personal style. Have questions about our Oxfords? Feel free to contact us, and we'll assist you as soon as possible. 

    How Are Oxford Shoes Made?

    Crafting Oxford shoes is a complex and labor-intensive process that requires craftsmanship and attention to detail. While modern technologies and mass production have somewhat simplified the process, there are still many handmade aspects involved, especially in high-quality Oxfords. Here's an overview of the key steps in making Oxford shoes:

    Design and Pattern: Before production begins, the design of the Oxford shoe is developed, and patterns for the various parts of the shoe are created. This includes the vamp (front part), quarters (side panels), and heel counter.

    Leather Cutting: Once the patterns are ready, the leather pieces for the shoe are cut. This process, known as 'clicking,' is typically done using a sharp knife or a computer-controlled cutting machine.

    Preparing Parts: The cut leather pieces are then prepared for assembly. This may involve applying reinforcements, perforating brogue details, and adding a lining.

    Assembly: The various parts of the shoe are stitched together, usually using a sturdy sewing machine. The upper of the shoe is formed first, with the vamp and quarters being sewn together, and the heel counter is attached.

    Lasting: The shoe is then placed on a last (a wooden or plastic form that mimics the shape of the foot) to give it its final shape. This process can take several days, depending on the material and desired fit.

    Attaching the Sole: There are various methods to attach the sole to the upper. One of the most durable and traditional methods is the Goodyear Welt construction, where a strip of leather (the welt) is used to stitch the upper and sole together. This ensures a solid construction and makes it easy to replace the sole when worn out.

    Finishing: The shoe undergoes various processes such as polishing, coloring, and waxing of the leather to give it the desired shine and color. The insole and laces are also attached.

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