Driedelig pak voor kinderen - Olive green - 1 jaar - kinder
Driedelig pak voor kinderen - Olive green - kinder pak
Driedelig pak voor kinderen - Olive green - kinder pak
Driedelig pak voor kinderen - Olive green - kinder pak

Three-piece suit for children - Olive green

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Three-piece suit for children - Olive green

A cool green suit for your child? Naturally! Why get something simple for your son when you can make him look like a little big boss? With this 3-piece children's suit full of details, he will not only be neatly dressed and look tough, but he will also match his father in the same suit. This way, you can steal the show together!

Why the Olive green?

This Olive Green children's suit from Cavani is really an all-season business suit. The suit is ideal for both summer and winter because it is perfectly versatile . Its jacket, vestand trousers can be combinedwith a casual outfit,if it is is a bit warm outside. Single buttons decorate the vest, and it can be left unbottoned on hot days. The beautiful details of the waistcoat complete perfecly the outfit. .

Pros and cons of this green children's suit

Just one step more and your child might be the owner of this beautifully suit. What are the pros and cons of this suit? We've put them together for you, so that you can quickly make the right decision.

✅Challenge yourself and surprise others by matching the suit with different colors! For example, try the blue tie as shown in the photos or combine it with other colors of shirts, shoes, suspenders and other accessories.
✅This suit is easy to tailor. The pants can easily be lengthened or shortened, widened or reduced in the size by a tailor.
✅ The suit has many beautiful eye-catching details.
✅ The suit is very suitable for all seasons.
✅ All our children's suits also have an adult version.
➖The suit is 3-piece and equipped with a gilet, cobert and trousers. Are you looking for a 2-piece suit? Then buy the three-piece suit and let the waistcoat hang in the closet.


🟡Slim fit
🟡Single-breasted (Single-breasted waistcoat)
🟡Lapel Pin
🟡Double cut jacket (2 cuts at the bottom of the back of the jacket)
🟡Four-button cuff (4 buttons on the sleeve)
🟡Single button blazer fastening (1 button on the front of the jacket)
🟡Waistcoat adjuster straps (easy to adjust waistcoat)
🟡Functional pockets inside and outside the jacket.

Occasions for children's suits

The three-piece children's suit is perfect for special occasions. The neat and playful details, in combination with a beautiful fit, ensure that your child always looks good! Let your child match his dad for that fun wedding, or make him look cool for one of his friends' parties.

Like father Like Son!

How cool is it to surprise everyone when your son pops into the party or wedding in the same suit as his father! The suits can be ordered in both child and adult versions. They look the same and are made of the same materials. If you already have one of the 2 at home, you don't need to hesitate to get the other one! Click here for the men's suit!

Accessories for your children's suit

Cavani suits are excellent to combine with beautiful accessories. This way you can make your outfit even more personal. For example, think of a shirt, a beautiful pocketwatch on your waistcoat, or a nice matching childen's tie.

Washing and care

To keep your black suit in outstanding conditions, you muststeam or brush it before or after use. It is better cleaned at a dry cleaner. You can also brush it to prevent that the dirt affects the quality of your suit. Hang the suit to the air after wearing it to prevent small wrinkles.

Three-piece suit from 1 to 14 years

The suits can be ordered in sizes from 1 to 14 years. So the whole family can walk in a three-piece suit from TheGarrison. With our children's suits, we use age as a size measurement. The sizes go in order from 1 year to 14 years. This way you can easily order a size.

Is your son growing a little faster than average and his size turns out to be too big or too small after trying it on? Then you can simply return for free at The Garrison. This way you can have your children try it at home and exchange it, if necessary.

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The right suit for every occasion

Make sure you're ready for any occasion! With a suit from The Garrison, you'll always make the perfect impression. Whether you're going to a wedding, a ball, or a business event. The details will make for an unforgettable impression!

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