Ordering men's suit online

Ordering a men's suit like a boss!

How are you spending Christmas dinner this year? Are you staying in your Christmas pajamas or going for a real boss outfit?

A boss outfit like Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders? Or would you rather go for a men's suit like Harvey Specter from the series Suits? Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: you've got style!

But how do you find a suitable suit in 2020, the year of COVID-19 rules and face masks? Sometimes you'd rather not go to a store, either to prevent the spread or because you're tired of the rules. Either way, it's just easy to order your Christmas outfit online and try it on at home without any hassle.

Ordering a men's suit online

Fortunately, we currently live in 2020, where online ordering is a golden option. However, there are still many questions when it comes to ordering a men's suit online.

At TheGarrison, we are fully focused on online shopping and strive to improve our services every day, despite having an average score of 9.6 on Trustpilot. We have already helped more than 6000 satisfied customers find a perfectly fitting men's suit without a physical store for trying on, and we are happy to explain what to look for when ordering a suit online.

Good and fast customer service

When you are ordering a three-piece men's suit, you hope it fits perfectly on the first try. Many online shops require you to measure yourself to determine your size, but even then, it may not fit perfectly. Therefore, it is essential that customer service responds quickly and accurately when your suit doesn't fit as desired.

Size advice for confection sizes

Many men's suits are sold in confection sizes. The beauty of confection sizes is that they can be easily determined based on your height and weight. That's why we have developed a size tool that allows you to calculate it easily. When you are ordering a men's suit online, it's great to quickly know what you're getting into. Check out our men's suits and click on the "calculate size" button to see your size.