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    Peaky blinders outfit

    For the perfect Peaky Blinder outfit you have to look for it at The Garrison. We have beautiful suits that fit perfectly in the 1920s style. Many of the suits we offer are tweed suits with checkered patterns. That's what you need if you want to dress like Thomas Shelby or Alfie Salomons. Tweed suits were very popular in the 1920s. However, to complete your full Peaky Blinders outfit you don't just need a Peaky Blinders suit, but also a pocket watch and not to forget a nice baker cap!

    What is a Peaky Blinders outfit? 

    A Peaky Blinders outfit consists of a number of signature pieces that are reminiscent of the style of the 1920s. For example, a typical Peaky Blinders outfit consists of a cotton shirt with a high collar and buttons down the front, a knitted crew neck jumper and – sometimes – a thick wool coat. The trousers are often tight and high, with a narrow leg, and can be worn with high boots or buckled shoes. The Peaky Blinders' signature is a flatcap, which is also a fundamental part of the outfit. Together, these garments create a unique and distinctive style that sets the difference between the characters of the series and the others belonging to the same historical period. 

    Peaky Blinders outfit for men 

    At The Garrison we offer a wide range of Peaky Blinders suits. For men, the Peaky Blinders outfit is a stylish choice for formal occasions, but a Peaky Blinders suit can also be worn on informal occasions. This makes a Peaky Blinders outfit from The Garrison very versatile. The high-collared shirt and th knitted jumper create a classic yet modern look, while the slim-fit trousers and high boots really complete the outfit. The flat cap is the icing on the cake and can be worn to exude a cool attitude. This makes a Peaky Blinders outfit both a tough and stylish choice.

    Carnival outfit

    The Peaky Blinders suit can also be a great choice as a carnival outfit. The unique and eye-catching style of the clothing makes you stand out from the crowd and exude the carnival atmosphere. In addition, the Peaky Blinders suit is comfortable and easy to wear. That's so nice if you're on the road all day during carnival.

    What goes with a Peaky Blinders outfit?

    Of course your Peaky Blinders outfit starts with a  3-piece suit. But that's just the beginning. To fully dress like Thomas Shelby, of course, a knitted tie and a pocket watch should not be missing. But which shoes do you wear under such a tweed suit? If you look at Thomas and Arthur Shelby, you can see that they always wear Boots under their three piece suit. Are you looking for shoes that fit perfectly your Peaky Blinders outfit? Then also check out our boots that are beautifully finished with tweed fabric. In addition, a baker cap should not be missing in your wardrobe, since this is really the banner of the Peaky Blinders. Want to add some more accessories to your suit? Then go for a nice white shirt with cufflinks and add Peaky Blinders Cufflinks. If you also want to keep your pants up a bit, then a pair of beautiful suspenders are perfect to complete your outfit.

    Pocket watch for your Peaky Blinders outfit

    A Pocket watch is of course something that should not be missing from your Peaky Blinders outfit. That's why we've made a wonderful selection of pocket watches that you can easily attach to your Peaky Blinders Suit. Like Thomas Shelby says: keeping time is important!

    Knitted tie as part of your Peaky Blinders suit

    Do you want the real Thomas Shelby look. Don't forget to add a knitted tie . In 1920, a knitted tie with a flat bottom was very popular and we see it more and more of it in the streets nowadays. Do you want to look stylish or do you want some variation in your daily men's outfit? Then a knitted tie definitely belongs in your tie collection!

    Peaky Blinders cap

    he Peaky Blinders cap, also known as a flat cap, is an important part of the signature Peaky Blinders outfit. The cap is made of soft wool fabric and has a low, rounded crown with a short, slanted brim. The cap is worn forward and can create a very peculiar look. At The Garrison, we sell many different Peaky Blinders caps, which complete your outfit. Below you can see an example of one of our Peaky Blinders caps.

    Purchasing a Peaky Blinders outfit

    Are you ready to buy a Peaky Blinders outfit? Then you've come to the right place. You can easily order your men's suits online at The Garrison. This way you will look like a real Thomas Shelby within just a few days. You can easily calculate your size at The Garrison via the  size chart tool on the website. You can find it under each shopping cart button. Click on the size chart tool button and enter your height and weight to calculate your size, then order the size that is recommended and don't forget to add all those beautiful Peaky Blinders Accessories! Did you reveive your suit at home and it does it not fit perfectly? No problem, you can easily return and exchange it for a different size at The Garrison.

    Thomas Shelby suit

    Do you want a real Thomas Shelby suit? One that blows everyone away? Then go for the Peaky Blinders Grey/navy suit. This suit fits perfectly in the 1920s style! And do you want to know how to wear this suit? Then check out the video below where Thomas Shelby himself explains it! Turn on the sound, because you, as a Peaky Blinders enthusiast are going to enjoy this!

    How do you wear your Peaky blinders outfit?

    First as a boss! When you want to dress like Thomas Shelby, better act like Thomas Shelby. Have you ordered a beautiful 3-piece suit and added the accessories? Then make sure you follow these important rules to make sure you come across as a true Peaky Blinder!

    • Exude confidence! Not a difficult task in itself. Since this almost comes naturally in a three-piece suit full of accessories. 😉
    • Always leave the bottom button of your waistcoat and jacket unbuttoned!
    • When you sit down, open the top button of your jacket. The rule is, when you walk, the jacket should be closed. This looks neater. But, who cares? Thomas Shelby also has it open while walking. So you can do it too!
    • Always match your peaky blinders suit with a baker cap and pocket watch.


    What do the Peaky Blinders drink? 

    The Peaky Blinders don't just stick to a suit or an outfit; they represent an entire lifestyle. In the series Peaky Blinders, the characters mainly drink alcoholic beverages, especially beer and whiskey. Beer is often drunk in pubs and other public places, while whiskey is usually drunk at home. The whiskey that is drunk in the series is the Gallglennie Whiskey. Are you looking for this whiskey? Then unfortunately we have bad news. The series makers have come up with the name of this whiskey. As a result, this whiskey is not for sale in the liquor store and you must therefore look for a suitable alternative.  

    Order your Peaky Blinders outfit at The Garrison 

    Will you buy a Peaky Blinders suit from The Garrison? Then we have good news. Order it today and it will be shipped tomorrow. Don't you like the suit? Then you can return your Peaky Blinders suit free of charge. Our main goal is to ensure that you have the perfect outfit for any occasion. Take a quick look at our range at the top of this page and shop today.