Three-piece suit by Cavani

3-piece suits - Cavani - slim fit

3-Piece Suits

If you're in search of 3-piece suits, you've come to the right place at TheGarrison. You'll find beautiful 3-piece suits from the Cavani brand at TheGarrison.

Because Cavani's 3-piece suits are very reasonably priced, you can choose a suit without breaking the bank. Cavani specializes in creating exquisite tweed suits, which are affordably priced.

You can purchase one of these 3-piece suits from Cavani for less than €200:

Cavani Three-Piece Suit – Navy Tweed Suit

Cavani offers a range of beautiful 3-piece suits at competitive prices.

You can purchase this 3-piece suit from Cavani here for only €199. That's a great price for a suit consisting of trousers, a waistcoat, and a jacket. Additionally, the suit is well-constructed and of high quality.

The suit is adorned with a beautiful Cavani lapel pin, positioned on the top left of the jacket.


These small finishing touches add an elegant touch to the suit, making it a popular choice for weddings.

Due to the fabric used in this suit, it has a sturdy appearance and provides warmth in the winter. It's made of a blend of 80% polyester and 20% wool.

Three-Piece Suit – Grey Navy Suit

Furthermore, at, we have a suit that fits perfectly in Cavani's collection of three-piece suits. This is the Grey Navy Suit, another exquisite three-piece suit that naturally includes trousers, a waistcoat, and a jacket.

This suit is also adorned with a beautiful lapel pin on the top left. Made of 90% polyester and 10% wool, this three-piece suit has an elegant appearance. It's frequently worn in 1920s style and the Peaky Blinders look. If you accessorize this suit with a pocket watch and cap from the Peaky Blinders brand, you'll have the perfect Peaky Blinders outfit, earning you the nickname Thomas Shelby.

3-Piece Suits Slim Fit

Almost all of Cavani's 3-piece suits, despite their subtle 1920s touch, are very contemporary. They are beautifully tailored with a slim fit.

If you want to know if your correct size is available, please refer to our size chart.