Three-piece tweed suit by Cavani

Getting married in Peaky Blinders style

Getting Married in Peaky Blinders Style

These days, it's becoming increasingly popular to get married in Peaky Blinders style. People are inspired by the beautiful 1920s fashion.

Peaky Blinders were known for always being impeccably dressed in a three-piece suit, nicely finished with an elegant pocket watch and a Peaky Blinders Cap.

In recent years, you haven't seen as many three-piece suits on the streets, but nowadays, it's making a comeback.

Do you usually have no good reason to wear a three-piece suit? Then it's fantastic to wear a beautiful three-piece suit on your most special day, complete with a lovely pocket watch. You can also give all your guests the chance to dress this way for a day.

Peaky Blinders Tweed Suits

At GarrisonSuits, we offer some beautiful checkered three-piece suits, also known as tweed suits.

And if you find it too extreme to give your wedding a Peaky Blinders theme, you can still use these suits without all the Peaky Blinders elements.

These beautiful suits are often used at weddings.


Cavani Three-Piece Suits

At GarrisonSuits, we have some very nice three-piece suits from the Cavani brand. All these suits come complete with trousers, a waistcoat, and a jacket. In addition, Cavani pays attention to the smallest details, and their three-piece suits are finished with a lapel pin.

Cavani is a beautiful brand that focuses on details, and their three-piece suits are very affordable.

Affordable Three-Piece Suit

Many three-piece suits are quite expensive. If you're looking for a three-piece suit, you often end up in an expensive store. Before you even leave the door, you've spent a lot of money.

A three-piece suit from Cavani is very affordable at This is mainly because the Cavani brand offers very reasonable prices. Additionally, TheGarrison is an online-only store and doesn't have a physical storefront, which significantly reduces costs. This allows us to provide you with a beautiful three-piece suit from Cavani at a good price.