Get married in peaky blinders style

Get married in Peaky Blinders style

Nowadays it happens more and more to see men getting married in Peaky Blinders style. People are inspired by the beautiful style of the 1920s.

Peaky Blinders were known for always being perfectly dressed in a three-piece suit., neatly finished with a chic pocket watch and a Peaky Blinders Cap

In recent years you have not seen so many three-piece suits on the street. But nowadays it is coming back more and more.

Don't you normally have a good reason to wear a three-piece suit? Then you should live your most special day in a beautiful three-piece suit, perfectly finished with a beautiful pocket watch. In addition, you can also give all your guests the chance to wear it for your special day.

Peaky Blinders Tweed Suits

At TheGarrison we offer some beautiful plaid Three-Piece suits, also called tweed suits.

And do you think it's too extreme to give your wedding a Peaky Blinders title? Then you can also use these suits without all the Peaky Blinder elements.

These beautiful suits are used a lot at weddings.


Cavani three-piece suits

At TheGarrison we have some very nice three-piece suits from the Cavani brand. All these suits are complete with trousers, waistcoat and jacket. In addition, Cavani puts the dots on the I by finishing the outfit with a lapel pin.

Cavani is a beautiful brand, extremely detail-focused. In addition, a three-piece suit from Cavani is very affordable.

Affordable three-piece suit

Many three-piece suits are very expensive. Are you looking for a three-piece suit? Then it is easy to stumble upon very expensive choices and spending a lot of money in a regular shop.

A three-piece suit by Cavani is very affordable at TheGarrison.nl. This is mainly because the Cavani brand has very reasonable prices. But in addition, TheGarrison only has a web shop and no retail property. This makes a huge difference in costs. So that we can deliver you a beautiful three-piece suit from Cavani for a good price.