Calculating Suit & Suit Size

Calculating Suit & Suit Size

Calculating your suit & suit size always seems like quite a task. But with our size tool, you can easily and quickly calculate your size based on your height and weight. In the past, you would go to a store or tailor to be measured with a tape measure. Fortunately, it's much easier nowadays. We've developed a size tool that allows you to calculate your suit size from behind your screen. If you want to use it, simply go to one of our men's suits, click on the size advice button, and enter your height and weight. You'll find the size advice button for each suit under the "add to cart" button, above the "select size" heading.

  1. Go to the suits and select your favorite suit.
  2. Click on the "Size Advice" button below the "add to cart" button.
  3. Enter your height and weight.
  4. Click "Calculate Your Size."
  5. The size that appears is the most suitable size. If the size turns out to be incorrect after trying it on, you can return it for a different size or a refund for free. This can easily be done through our return form.

Online Suit Size Calculation and Ordering Suit Online

Ordering a suit online is easier than ever these days. With available options like calculating your suit size online and a fast and free return process, ordering a suit online is often a faster option than buying it in a store. There are many advantages to ordering online over buying in-store.

  1. Ordering a suit online is cheaper, see why below.
  2. Calculating your men's suit size online is faster.
  3. A larger assortment, so more choices.
  4. Better for the environment.

Ordering a Suit Online Is Cheaper

A significant advantage of ordering a men's suit online is, of course, the price. It does depend on which online store you order from, of course. For example, The Garrison is entirely based on online suit sales. The costs for staff, rent for stores, showroom decorations, etc., are not applicable. Everything is handled and shipped from one warehouse. Through fast and simple systems, we ensure that the process runs smoothly, which greatly reduces costs and allows us to keep the prices of our items low.


Calculating Your Men's Suit Size Online Is Faster

In the past, measuring sizes was a standard part of the process when buying a suit. When you bought a suit, you would first be measured with a tape measure. They would measure your height, chest size, waist size, inside leg length, arm length, and hips. While having a suit made entirely to measure can still be useful, it's often very expensive. So, if you still want a great suit tailored to you, it's much cheaper to buy an off-the-rack suit based on your standard size. You can then easily have your new suit altered by a tailor. This way, you still have a tailored suit.

Calculating your standard size based on height and weight is very easy to do. You can still arrange a perfect tailored suit for yourself without having to visit the store first. A visit to the tailor is often not even necessary. Only if the trousers or sleeves are a bit too long or too short, or if the suit is a bit too wide, you can have it altered or taken in. In many cases, your new suit will already be perfect, and this won't be necessary.