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So you can wear your trousers, gilet or jacket every day

A three-piece suit is sometimes just a little too much. Do you want to look nice at your cousin's party, but the occasion should all be about him? And if you have to give a presentation, maybe it is not ideal to make the situation too formal. Fortunately, you can also wear the trousers, waistcoat and jacket of your suit in combination with other items of clothing. This way you look good without looking overdressed.

A composite suit. That's what it's called when you wear your jacket, trousers or waistcoat in combination with another piece of clothing. How you do this depends on your style. Of course there are a few things to watch out for. We have listed them for you.

1. From composite to one whole suit

With a composite suit, it should of course not look like you just pulled something out of the closet. If you want to complete your outfit, choose a shirt, tie and pocket square from the same color family. For example, combine burgundy red with brown tweed, so that everything blends together nicely. Are you someone who can't do it crazy enough? Then we have another advice: with purple and yellow you go a long way πŸ˜‰

2. Food for thought

Look closely at the fabrics. With a jacket with a light structure, trousers made of a somewhat smoother material are suitable. Are you looking for something comfortable? A cashmere pullover is always easy to combine. In the summer, be careful with linen jackets. Don't wear linen pants underneath, but get your cotton chinos out of the closet. It is much better.

3. Keep it simple

Are black pants with a gray jacket and a white shirt boring? Not at all. Your composite suit is already different than usual, so you don't have to do much more to look stylish.The ability to keep it simple is an art. So it's fine, that 'boring' black-grey-white!

4. Checkered: always good

A jacket with a checkered pattern is always good. Still, you have to be a real fashion king to be able to combine different checkered patters. Our advice? Play it safe: when you wear plain pants under your plaid jacket, you look like a boss anyway πŸ™‚

5. Hip, but not a hippie

Bright colors are trendy, but not always classy. If you still want to wear that bright red pullover, combine it with a jacket from the same color family and gray trousers. That's how you're hip, but not a hippie πŸ˜‰

6. Accessoires: less is more

From a vintage watch to a special family ring, you should wear them with pride. If you want to give them the look they deserve, the rule 'less is more' applies. When you stick to one or two accessories, you can be sure that they will stand out. Shine with that accessory!