Three-Piece Suit / Business or Casual?

Three-Piece Suit / Business or Casual?

Three-Piece Suit

Isn't it beautiful, a three-piece suit? But when do you actually wear a three-piece suit? For business, casually, or at formal occasions?

In 1920, it wasn't just the Peaky Blinders who wore suits every day. Everyone dressed impeccably.

These days, you see it more and more in the streets. However, a suit is often worn in a business or festive setting.

Men in three-piece suits exude class and style. So, go ahead and find an outfit you can wear more often.


Three-Piece Suit Navy Blue Pinstripe

This beautiful suit is a true classic in 1920s style. Completely updated, the suit is entirely slim-fit, and the waistcoat is double-breasted.

The suit consists of a waistcoat, trousers, a jacket, and a handkerchief. It is navy blue with pinstripes. This suit is in the true 1920s Peaky Blinders Mafia style.

With this three-piece suit, you are guaranteed to draw attention!

Accessorizing the Three-Piece Suit

The ultimate accessory to dress up your three-piece suit is still the pocket watch. The pocket watch can be beautifully attached to your waistcoat.

Three-Piece Suit for a Wedding

Do you have a friend or family member's wedding coming up? Then a beautiful suit is definitely a must-have!

What could be better than a distinctive suit in full 1920s style? Something different from the suit you wear to work every day.

At, we offer three-piece suits in all sorts of sizes, colors, and styles.

Take a look around our curated collection and order your suit by order of the Peaky Blinders.


Three-Piece Suit for Business

In a business context, the right suit can make all the difference. If you meet a lot of people in suits during working hours, you can stand out even more with a three-piece suit.

The Navy Blue Pinstripe is a beautiful three-piece suit that can be worn very professionally.


Ordering a Three-Piece Suit

Do you want to order a beautiful three-piece suit? Then we have a fantastic selection at Choose your size and order. If the suit doesn't fit perfectly, you can simply return it.