Peaky Blinders The Parlour

Peaky Blinders The Parlour

Peaky Blinders The Parlour

The Parlour is the headquarters of the Shelby Family and the members of the Peaky Blinders. It is located on Watery Lane and is also used as a gambling hall.

In The Parlour, there is a coal fireplace, a small kitchen, and a section that is open for creating a gambling hall. There are also separate rooms where Thomas, John, Arthur, and Polly have their offices.

The gambling hall is bustling with activities and features a massive chalkboard. On that chalkboard, bets and odds are written.

Buy a Lottery Ticket

Do you want to buy a lottery ticket? You can now do it in Peaky Blinders Style. Just like in the series, also has The Parlour, where you can purchase tickets. The great thing about Gambling Hall The Parlour is that you have not just one, but all the lotteries in one place. You can see at a glance what promotions are available, whether it's a single ticket or a subscription, whether it contributes to a charity and how much % goes to the charity, whether it's tax-free, and also, very importantly, what your chances of winning are!

Support a Good Cause

In the series Peaky Blinders, The Parlour gambling hall is, of course, illegal. However, TheGarrison's Parlour is not. You can even support a good cause by purchasing tickets. You can choose how much you want to donate and how much % goes to the charity. You can choose 0%, above 15%, or above 50%. This way, even as a Peaky Blinder, you can do some good for the world.

Single Tickets or Subscriptions

We give you the opportunity to decide how you want to buy your tickets. It can be done through a subscription. But we can also understand if you prefer to buy your tickets individually. This way, you stay in control and can decide whether you want to become a member or just take a chance!