Ordering a tailored suit online

Ordering a tailored suit online or trying it on in person?

We often get asked if there is an option to physically try on our tailored suits before ordering. At GarrisonSuits.com, we are fully focused on ordering online and have the perfect online tools to do it right without the need for trying on beforehand. We explain here how you can order a tailored suit online in a proper way. However, because we don't want to deny you the opportunity to try on beforehand, we have established a great partnership with our Premium Partner, PeakyHats. After reading this, you can decide which option suits your preference.

Order a tailored suit online.

At The Garrison, we've made ordering a tailored suit online very easy. We have a size tool that allows you to easily calculate your size based on your height and weight, and then you can order with free shipping and returns. You can easily order a tailored suit and try it on at home the next day. Thanks to the size tool's calculations, your suit size is often correct right away. However, if it doesn't fit perfectly after trying it on and needs slight adjustments, you can easily have it done by a tailor near you.

A form with a QR code for adjusting your tailored suit is included in your order. You can scan this QR code with your phone, and it will display the best tailors near you who can make all the necessary adjustments to make your suit perfect. This includes altering sleeves, trouser lengths, or waist sizes, whether it's too long, too short, or too wide. Adjustments are usually quick and not expensive, so you can have a perfectly tailored suit at a reasonable price.


Try it on in style

If you still want to try it on physically to make sure you get the right size, we have a fantastic option for you. Thanks to a great partnership with our premium partner, Peaky Hats, we can offer you a wonderful fitting experience. It's a real gentlemen's evening! An experience where you and your friends, father, or brothers can try on and order suits in style. If you want to know more about this, check here on how you can enjoy this experience!

Order a tailored suit online or try it on in person?