Order men's suit, delivery tomorrow

Order men's suit, delivery tomorrow

Ordering a men's suit sometimes seems like quite a task. There are so many options, but what should you consider when ordering a suit online? We'll explain how you can quickly and easily order a nice suit without any hassle.

I want to order a men's suit, what should I consider?

Benefits like same-day delivery or free returns are, of course, important. But is that enough when buying a men's suit?

The first question people often ask us... Is it wise to buy a suit online? What if the suit doesn't fit well? The size is too big or too small? The pants are too long or too short? The sleeves are too long or too short? Fortunately, we have a solution for all these obstacles. It's not always necessary, but when such issues arise, they are easy to fix. More on that later.

Find a reliable online store.

A reliable online store is crucial when making an online purchase. There are several indicators that can help you determine if an online store is reliable, such as a webshop certification, a chamber of commerce (KvK) number or VAT number at the bottom of the website, or a good review partner. The latter point is not only important to check if an online store is reliable but also how reliable it is. By reading the opinions of others, you can easily decide if this is a webshop where you would like to make a purchase.

1. Excellent customer service is essential!

The first thing to look at is the customer service of an online store. To order a suit stress-free, it's important to find a reliable webshop that is there for you when you have questions and can act quickly if your suit doesn't fit well. In short, quick delivery, but also a quick exchange if needed. Good and fast communication is crucial in this regard.

2. Good and fast communication

When you make a purchase from a company, you should expect to be well assisted. Good communication is essential. Do you have questions about an order or the delivery of your suit? Or do you want more information about a three-piece suit you have your eye on? Then use that green button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can easily ask all your questions via chat. This chat is answered as soon as possible. We help you with all your questions and concerns, even when something doesn't go quite right, we always strive for a perfect solution, so you can make your purchase worry-free.

3. Help in determining the right suit size

This is a question that many people struggle with when ordering a men's suit online, often because there is a lot of measuring involved, and you're not sure if you're doing it right.

That's why we've developed a handy size tool at The Garrison. With that size tool, you can easily calculate your ready-to-wear size (suit size).

4. What if my suit doesn't fit well?

When buying clothing online, it may not fit perfectly right away. Fortunately, this can be easily resolved with a men's suit. For example, you can easily have it altered by a tailor. Perhaps your men's suit isn't quite to your liking? That's why we've listed some problems and solutions below.

What can you do if your trousers don't fit well?

  • Trousers too tight at the waist: The top edge can easily be let out by about an inch by a tailor. Additionally, it's possible to move the button to get a bit more room at the waist.
  • Trousers too short: If your trousers are too short, don't worry! The hems are folded inwards. When the pants are too short, a tailor can take them out and lengthen them by moving the hem outwards.
  • Trousers too long: If your trousers are too long, that can also be easily fixed. A tailor can easily take them in so that they are the perfect length.

What can you do if your jacket doesn't fit well?

  • Jacket too loose: If the jacket doesn't fit well, it can be taken in slightly by a tailor. The jacket can be adjusted at the sides or at the back near the collar to make it fit better. It's often a good idea to have the jacket examined by a tailor and get their advice on the best option.
  • Sleeves of the jacket too long: If the sleeves of the jacket are too long, they can be altered in the same way as the pant legs of trousers. A tailor can easily take them in to the perfect length.
  • Sleeves of the jacket too short: If the sleeves of the jacket are too short, they can often be let out. Since the end of the sleeve is folded inward, a tailor can undo this and extend it outward.

What can you do if your waistcoat doesn't fit well?

  • My waistcoat doesn't fit well: After reading the above information, you probably already expected this. But the waistcoat can also be altered. If it doesn't fit well, you can easily have it taken in slightly. Taking in a waistcoat is often not a problem at all.
  • My waistcoat is too tight: A waistcoat that is too tight can be a bit trickier. Of course, hitting the gym might help. But if it's really too tight, it's better to exchange the waistcoat or the entire suit for a larger size.
Order a men's suit, delivery tomorrow

You can make an appointment with a tailor to alter your men's suit by scanning the barcode below. You can scan the barcode with your phone or click on it to find the best tailors near you.



4. No stress due to long delivery times

You might be familiar with this scenario. You need new clothes for a wedding or an official event, but due to your busy life, you realize at the last minute that you need to quickly get a suit.

Fortunately, just like us, there are plenty of webshops that can deliver from stock and ship quickly. If you order a men's suit in stock from us, we ship it the same day or the next day. If you order in time, you can have your suit the next day. Additionally, it's always nice if you order from a website that provides you with a Track and Trace code, so you can check your shipment anytime, anywhere.