Kostuums passend bij The Great Gatsby

Suits matching The Great Gatsby

Suits matching The Great Gatsby

The novel ˜The Great Gatsby' was written by the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the summer of 1922, during the dry spell, the story of Mr. Gatsby takes place. This is still an historical period that triggers the imagination of many people and certainly the clothing style is still regarded by many men as stylish and chic. You can certainly make a good impression with it, if you choose clothing that match that style. It is a style that has never completely disappeared and although it is not reflected in the current daily clothing image, there are many occasions where such a style still fits perfectly into the picture.

Modern variants

If you are a fan of books narrating stories taking place in the past, the clothes will certainly linger in your imagination. Fortunately, there are many modern variants that make it possible to still own the suits that you see worn in the films or series. When watching Peaky Blinders, among others, the appearance and choice of clothing of the characters in the series will certainly have appealed to you. At The Garrison it is possible to get your own version of such suits. We have several variants available and you can choose which one best suits your contemporary clothing style. You too can exude class and power with those outfits. After all, you are always perfectly dressed in an outfit that matches the style of the Peaky Blinders. The suits are available in various sizes and colors, so that there is certainly something that fits perfectly.

Reliving glory days

At The Garrison you will find a wide collection of suits that correspond to the time period in which the Peaky Blinders series takes place. You can also find inspiration for an outfit that is entirely in The Great Gatsby style and that reflects with furore this period. For example, visit the eventstyling and entertainment page at the Peakyhats.nl to imagine yourself in a completely different life and experience what it was like during the time of Speakeasy while enjoying a supposedly illegally obtained alcoholic drink. Here you can immerse yourself completely in the lifestyle of lost times. A time when the suits were stylish and exuded self-confidence.

3-piece Peaky Blinders outfit

Order a perfect outfit today to shine like back in the days. Choose one for this 3-piece Peaky Blinders outfit, which is made up of 3 parts: a beautiful Tweed Vintage checkered suit consists of a blazer, a waistcoat and trousers, made of Tweed with a structured checkered pattern. The suits are all made-to-measure and also available in designs with contrasting trims. The models can be found between Slim and Regular Fit, so there is always something that will perfectly match the shape of your body. With this you will perfectly realize the Peaky Blinders look and will amaze many during formal events, such as weddings, proms or parties.

Marry like Great Gatsby

A 3-piece Peaky Blinders outfit is a perfect look for any wedding. So if you are planning to get married and your are fascinated by this time period, then it is definitely worth considering this look. You will definitely make a real statement with it and impress everyone. And your wedding day couldn't be a better time to make this happen. At The Garrison you can choose from various beautiful models and there is surely something that will fit perfectly with the wedding dress of your bride-to-be. You can step into another world of style, grace and wonder. Every wedding becomes a true success and an experience that you will never forget. View the different beautiful outfits and make the choice that best suits your unique style.

Suits accessories

Whether you're throwing a Peaky Blinders theme party or want to shine at your wedding, matching accessories make it complete. In addition to a stylish 3-piece outfit that gives you the feeling of Great Gatsby, a pocket watch or a Peaky Blinders Cap to complete the look cannot be missing. Enjoy a delicious glass of whiskey with your friends and do it in style by serving it in beautiful glasses and decanters. Choose a chic flask to enjoy your drink even more and decorate your blouse with cufflinks or a bow tie. You can also place your pocket watch in the pocket of your waistcoat. Imagine yourself in a time of Speakeasy when alcohol was illegal and enjoy your drink.

Kostuums passend bij The Great Gatsby

Shirts for a clean look

Beautiful shirts should of course not be missing to complete your outfit. A well-fitting shirt in a beautiful color ensures that your look is completed. At The Garrison you can choose from different models and styles. Choose checkered, striped or plain shirts to make an impression with your outfit. We have shirts with a round collar in English style, but also standard collar, in different colours. The shirts look great with the 3-piece Peaky Blinders outfits and perfectly complete your style. You can also decorate and pimp the sleeves with beautiful cufflinks. This way you really exude the self-confidence that men naturally had at that time thanks to the fantastic clothing that made them feel good.