How do you recognize a good men's suit?

How do you recognize a good men's suit?

A men's suit is more than just an important piece of clothing, it is an extension of your personality and presence. But how do you know if a suit is of good quality? This blog article shows you how to recognize a good men's suit and how to choose one. We also introduce you to our own collection of men's suits

Knowledge of the Fabric

It's a misconception that a thinner fabric is of inferior quality. In reality, a lightweight, breathable fabric often indicates a high-quality suit. The fabric should feel soft, and color consistency should be checked. A natural fiber like wool or a wool blend is recommended over synthetic fabrics.

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A high-end suit often involves a lot of craftsmanship, such as hand-sewn lining. You can check this at the sleeves and armholes. Also, pay attention to small details like the stitches, are they hand-done or machine-made?

Fit and Cut

A suit should feel like a second skin, perfectly fitting your body. Cheap suits often have a universal fit and are meant to be adjusted later by a tailor. More expensive suits, on the other hand, are meticulously designed and tailored to the wearer.

What Makes the Fit of a Suit Good?

A well-fitting suit has a jacket that fits well around the chest and shoulders without pulling. The trousers fall smoothly and form a slight 'break' (crease) at the shoes.

Quality in the Details

The buttons of a suit speak volumes about its quality. Cheap plastic buttons and loose button anchors are signs of lower quality. Look for natural materials like horn or mother-of-pearl. The lining should also be of high quality and should not feel like paper.

How Do I Know if a Suit Is of Good Quality?

You can recognize a good quality suit by the small, even stitches, no wrinkles or bumps in the fabric, better quality buttons, and a fit that is specifically tailored to the body.

Price and Style Choices

A basic suit can cost between 300 and 600 dollars, which is a good price for a first suit. The standard price for a suit often ranges between 500 and 1000 dollars, a price range where most men find a good balance between price and quality. For a first suit, it's recommended to choose a dark, solid color like charcoal gray, black, or navy blue. These colors are versatile and suitable for various occasions. If you're looking for a men's suit with good value for money, click the link to discover our selection.

The Importance of a Good Suit Lining

A detail often overlooked is the quality of the lining. A superior lining is a sign of a quality suit. It should be smooth and comfortable on the skin. Moreover, it contributes to the overall shape and durability of the suit. Linings made of silk or bemberg (artificial fiber made from natural raw materials) indicate a higher quality level and enhance the wearing experience by providing better breathability.

What about the shoulder padding of a suit?

The shoulders of a suit are a complex part of the construction process. They should fit seamlessly on your shoulders without excess fabric or pulling. A handmade shoulder is often softer and molds better to the body than one made by machine, resulting in a more personalized and refined look. Of course, this does affect the price.

Which Suits Should Every Man Own?

Every man should have a black, navy blue, gray, brown, and a light-colored suit in his wardrobe, paired with white, light blue, or cream shirts. Some brands like Armani, Boss, and Brioni (and of course GarrisonSuits) are known for their top-class suits. The reputation of a brand can be an indication of quality, but don't focus solely on the label. At GarrisonSuits, we offer a quality alternative to more expensive brands.

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