In the style of The Great Gatsby

Costumes that suit The Great Gatsby

Costumes Inspired by The Great Gatsby

Costumes Inspired by The Great Gatsby

The novel 'The Great Gatsby' was written by the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Set in the summer of 1922, during the Prohibition era, it tells a story centered around Mr. Gatsby. For many, this time period still holds fascination, and the clothing style, in particular, is considered stylish and elegant by many men. Choosing clothing that somewhat references this style can leave a lasting impression. It's a style that never truly disappeared, and despite not being a daily sight in today's fashion, there are plenty of occasions where such a style fits perfectly.

Modern Variations

If you are drawn to series or books set in older periods, the clothing is likely to stay in your imagination. Fortunately, there are numerous modern variations that allow you to own a suit or costume similar to what you see in movies or series. Watching shows like Peaky Blinders, you must have been captivated by the appearance and clothing choices of the characters. At The Garrison, you can acquire your own version of such costumes. Various variations are available, and you can choose the one that best suits your contemporary style. You too can exude class and power. After all, you'll always be perfectly dressed in an outfit that matches the Peaky Blinders style. The costumes come in various sizes and colors, so there's definitely something that fits perfectly.

Reliving the Glory Days

At The Garrison, you'll find a wide collection of costumes and suits that match the time period of the Peaky Blinders series. You can also find inspiration here for an outfit to appear entirely in the style of The Great Gatsby at events that celebrate this era. For example, visit the events at to immerse yourself in a completely different life and experience what it was like during the time of Speak Easy while enjoying a supposedly illegally obtained alcoholic drink. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle of bygone times, a time when costumes were stylish and exuded confidence.

3-Piece Peaky Blinders Outfit

Order a perfect outfit today to shine like never before. Choose a 3-piece Peaky Blinders outfit, consisting of three parts. A beautiful Tweed Vintage checkered suit consists of a blazer, a waistcoat, and trousers, made from Tweed with a structured check pattern. All the suits are tailored and available in designs with contrasting finishes. The models can be found in Slim and Regular Fit, so there's always something that will perfectly fit your body's contours. This way, you can perfectly achieve the Peaky Blinders look and amaze many when you appear at formal occasions such as weddings, proms, or parties.

Getting Married like Great Gatsby

A 3-piece Peaky Blinders outfit is a perfect look for any wedding. So, if you're planning to get married and your fascination lies in this time period, it's definitely worth considering this look. You'll surely make a grand statement and impress everyone. And your wedding day is no better time to make this possible. At The Garrison, you can choose from various beautiful models, and there's definitely something that will match your bride's wedding dress perfectly. You both can truly step into a different world of style, grace, and wonder. Every wedding will be a great success and an unforgettable experience. Take a look at the various beautiful outfits and choose the one that best suits your unique style.

Accessories for Costumes

Whether you're hosting a themed party from the Peaky Blinders era or want to shine at your wedding, appropriate accessories complete the look. In addition to a stylish 3-piece outfit that gives you the Great Gatsby feel, a pocket watch or a Peaky Blinders Cap should not be missing to perfect the whole ensemble. Enjoy a glass of whisky with your friends and do it in style by serving whisky in beautiful glasses and decanters. Choose for an elegant hip flask to further enhance your drink experience and decorate your shirt with cufflinks or a bowtie. You can even place the pocket watch nicely in the pocket of your waistcoat. Immerse yourself in a time of Speak Easy when alcohol was illegal and enjoy your drinks to the fullest.

Costumes Inspired by The Great Gatsby

Shirts for a Sharp Look

Beautiful shirts should definitely not be missing to complete your outfit. A well-fitting shirt in a nice color will ensure that your look is complete. At The Garrison, you can choose from various models and styles. Choose checked, striped, or plain shirts to make an impression with your outfit. There are shirts with a round English collar as well as standard collars, available in different colors. These shirts go perfectly with the 3-piece Peaky Blinders outfits and complete your style. You can also decorate and customize the sleeves with beautiful cufflinks. This way, you truly exude the confidence that men naturally had in those times, thanks to the fantastic clothing they felt comfortable in.