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3-Piece Suit

Are you looking for a 3-piece suit? We offer you multiple beautiful 3-piece suits at a great price. TheGarrison started offering 3-piece suits in response to the hit series Peaky Blinders. In the series, you can see characters like Thomas Shelby wearing a sharp 3-piece suit with distinctive accessories, such as a Pocketwatch and a flat cap. However, the 3-piece suits we offer on are not only for Peaky Blinders fans.

3-Piece Suit at a Great Price

In order to provide you with a beautiful 3-piece suit at a great price, we have selected multiple styles. You can find suits in the 1920s style, as well as a 3-piece suit for business occasions at


3-Piece Suit for a Wedding

If you are looking for a beautiful suit for a wedding or if you are getting married yourself, then a 3-piece suit with a Gilet, trousers, and jacket is a significant investment. When you visit a store, the prices for wedding suits can skyrocket. Many people choose a wedding suit from because you can get a beautiful suit at an affordable price.

What If the Size Doesn't Fit?

Naturally, you want to look well put together, and that includes having a well-fitting suit. Many people go to a store to have a suit tailored, which can significantly increase the cost of the purchase at that store.

When you buy a suit through, and the size isn't right, you can always return it. If the size is close but needs some adjustments, simply take it to your local tailor. They can make almost any necessary alterations for a small fee, giving you a perfectly fitted 3-piece suit at a great price.


Why Can TheGarrison Offer Such Affordable Prices? is an online shop without a physical store, which means we have no store-related costs. Everything ordered from us is delivered directly from the supplier, so we don't have warehousing expenses either. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask via