Zwart pak - Max single breasted - Driedelig heren pak -
Zwart pak - Max single breasted - Driedelig heren pak -
Zwart pak - Max single breasted - Driedelig heren pak -
Zwart pak - Max single breasted - Driedelig heren pak -
Zwart pak - Max single breasted - Driedelig heren pak -

Black suit - Max single breasted - Three piece gentlemen suit

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Black suit - Max single breasted - Three-piece men's suit

You are looking for a nice black suit! The perfect suit to look great at the wedding, at the office, or maybe you need a suit to receive your diploma like a boss? Then you quickly look at suits that enhances your class! The Max black is an amazing suit, realized with the style we love. This black suit will amaze you with its striking details that will make you look like a real boss!

Why the Max Black single breasted?

You're always in the right place with this cool men's suit! Whether you want to wear the suit for special occasions or want to look good at the office. Because of the black color, you always know for sure that it will look good on you and with the many striking details you will look like a real boss!

The black 3-piece suit is lightly checkered over the entire suit and fits nicely on your body. The jacket has subtle outer pockets and beautiful striking inner pockets that are perfectly incorporated into the modern brown camouflage inner lining. The jacket can be closed with 2 brown buttons. It has a beautiful Marc Darcy lapel pin on the collar and a pocket square in the same style as the inner lining. The waistcoat is just as beautifully realized as the jacket. The beautiful inner lining that is used in the jacket is also reflected in the waistcoat. Furthermore, the black waistcoat is completed by 1 row of 4 buttons and adjustable straps on both sides. This way you ensure that the waistcoat always fits tightly around your body. The black color ensures that you can also match it with other suits so that you keep a lot of variation in your suits! Just like the rest of the suit, the pants also have the beautiful light checkered pattern and are also equipped with the same brown buttons. It fits nicely on the thighs and the trousers can also be combined with many other waistcoats and jackets. Are you a fan of Mix and Match? Then a black suit is a perfect addition to your suit collection!

Pros and cons of this black suit

Just one step more and you might become the owner of this beautifully detailed suit. What are the pros and cons of this suit? We've put them together for you. So that you can quickly make a good decision.

✅ Black matches almost everything and is therefore easy to combine with other colors of shirts, shoes, suspenders and other accessories.
✅This suit is easy to tailor. The pants can easily be lengthened, shortened, widened or reduced in size by a tailor.
✅ This suit has many beautiful eye-catching details.
✅ The suit is very suitable for all seasons.
✅ The suit is slim fit and can therefore be nicely buttoned.
➖The suit is 3-piece and is also equipped with a waistcoat. Are you looking for a 2-piece suit? Then buy the three-piece suit and let the waistcoat hang in the closet.
➖Black can be gloomy, make sure you combine it with fresh colors if you are going to wear it on a cheerful occasion.


🟡Slim fit
🟡Single-breasted (Single-breasted waistcoat)
🟡Lapel Pin
🟡Single back jacket (Single cut in the back of the jacket)
🟡Four button cuff (4 buttons on the sleeve)
🟡Double button blazer fastening (2 buttons on the front of the jacket
🟡Waistcoat adjuster straps (easy to adjust waistcoat)
🟡 Pocket square in breast pocket
🟡Functional pockets inside and outside of the jacket.

Occasions for a black suit

This men's suit is perfect for special occasions, the neat details and beautiful stitching ensure that you always look good. You can also match or alternate the black color of your three-piece suit with many other colors so that you can give the perfect twist to the occasion where you will wear the suit!

Accessories with a black suit

A black suit is ideal to give a twist that makes your suit personal. A shirt and your favorite color tie will ensure that your 3-piece suit looks complete. Can you never get enough of cool details? Then you can't wait long to complete your suit with an original pocket watch or neat suspenders that you can even attach to your pants in the old-school way with loops.

Washing and care

To maintain your black suit as neatly as possible, it is important that you have it steamed or brushed before or after use. When you have the entire 3-piece suit dry cleaned at a dry cleaner, you ensure that it is cleaned properly. You can also have the suit brushed, so you prevent the dirt from reducing the quality of your suit. Take off your suit and hang it after you wore it, so that he can breathe. This will also prevent small wrinkles.

What size do I need?

If you are still unsure about your size or have no idea which size you need to wear fot your new men's suit in style, we have developed a size tool. Click on the ''what's my size?'' button which is displayed below the ''add to cart'' button. After entering your personal height and weight, you immediately know which size suits you best. Don't worry if the suit doesn't fit perfectly right away. The suits we sell are easy to lengthen, shorten, widened or reduced in size. This way you can ensure that the suit fits you perfectly.

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The right suit for every occasion

Make sure you're ready for any occasion! With a suit from The Garrison, you'll always make the perfect impression. Whether you're going to a wedding, a ball, or a business event. The details will make for an unforgettable impression!

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