3-delig licht blauw heren kostuum geruit - Marc Darcy
3-delig licht blauw heren kostuum geruit - Marc Darcy
3-delig licht blauw heren kostuum geruit - Marc Darcy
3-delig licht blauw heren kostuum geruit - Marc Darcy
3-delig licht blauw heren kostuum geruit - Marc Darcy
3-delig licht blauw heren kostuum geruit - Marc Darcy

3-piece light blue gentlemen's suit - Marc Darcy Bromley Sky suit

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3-piece light blue men's suit checkered - Bromley sky suit

Our 3-piece light blue suit is the perfect choice for the fashion-conscious man who wants to look stylish. The suit has a simple checkered pattern that provides a subtle, yet striking look. The inside of the jacket is completed by navy details, which give an extra touch of luxury. The waistcoat also has many light blue and navy blue details, which give it a harmonious look. This suit is made of high-quality fabrics and is comfortable to wear.

 Slim fit and stretch!

What makes our suit really unique are the slim fit cut and the stretch fabric. The slim fit cut ensures that the suit fits perfectly on your body, so that you always look good. In addition, the stretch fabric ensures that the suit is even more comfortable than a normal suit. You will never feel restricted in your movements and can simply enjoy the moment.

Whether you're going to a formal occasion or just have a business appointment, this suit is always the right choice. Choose a classic look with a white shirt and a dark blue tie or go for a more casual look with a colorful shirt and an open jacket. In any case, with this suit you will always make a good impression.

Washing and care of my suit.

To maintain your black suit as neatly as possible, it is important that you have it steamed or brushed before or after use. When you have the entire 3-piece suit dry cleaned at a dry cleaner, you ensure that it is cleaned properly. You can also have the suit brushed, so you prevent the dirt from reducing the quality of your suit. Take off and hang your suit after wearing it, so that he can breathe. This will also prevent small wrinkles.

What size do I need for my 3-piece suit?

If you are still unsure about your size or have no idea which one is the perfect size for your stylish new men's suit, we have developed a size tool. Click on the ''what's my size?'' button which is displayed below the ''add to cart'' button. After entering your personal height and weight, you will immediately know which size suits you best. Don't worry if the suit doesn't fit perfectly right away. The suits we sell are easy to lengthen, shorten, widen or reduce in size. This way you can have the suit made to fit you perfectly.

In summary, our light blue 3-piece suit is a stylish and comfortable suit that is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. With the slim fit cut and stretch fabric, you will always look handsome and never feel restricted in your movements. Choose quality and style with our light blue 3-piece suit.

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