Garrison Gentlemen´s lounge

What kind of person are you? Do you love a sharp men's suit with perfect details? A good whiskey and a cigar from time to time? An elegant evening with a touch of rawness, as was common in the 1920s... Well, we do! If you can relate to this, then step into The Gentlemen's Lounge and become an ambassador for The Garrison.

By signing up, you become a Garrison Gent and gain access to our platform where you can earn money as an ambassador by offering our suits to your friends, family, colleagues, and followers! You can do this with your own URL, which you can share via social media or WhatsApp. So when people enter the website through your link and purchase a suit, you'll receive an 8% commission on the total amount.

What privileges do you have as a Garrison Gent?

  • You will receive your own 10% discount code that you can use for orders and also use to encourage friends, family, and acquaintances to place an order.
  • As a Garrison Gent, you can earn money by offering our suits to friends, family, colleagues, and followers! (8% per sale!)
  • You will receive tips and tricks on how to promote our suits and make money from them.
  • As a Garrison Gent, you are allowed to use #GarrisonGents in your social media posts!


What do you need to meet to sign up as a Garrison Gent?

Of course, not just anyone can become a Garrison Gent. To be admitted, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You own at least one Garrison Suit!
  • As befits a true Garrison Gent, you conduct yourself as a true gentleman and proactively promote as an ambassador.
  • Follow one or more of our social media channels.
  • Be Kind!

How can you sign up?

You can sign up as a Garrison Gent via the link below. You will then receive an email with your discount code and a link to sign up on our Affiliate platform. So you can start earning money by offering our beautiful items!