Physical store

Physical store

We currently do not have a physical store. It is currently only possible to order online. Of course, we understand that it is sometimes difficult, because in some cases it is easy to fit and feel the piece of clothing. For that reason we use free shipping and returns.

This way you have the option to order the size that you think suits you best. So that you can feel and fit at home. When it turns out that the size is not correct or the product is not satisfactory, you can return the product free of charge. When you indicate in our  return portal  which size you want to receive, we will immediately send the correct size upon arrival of your return.

Do you want to receive money back after the return? Then this money will be refunded to your account within a maximum of 7 days.

Are there any questions or are you unsure about your size? Then let us know via the chat. Click on the chat icon at the bottom left of the website to ask us a question.

Adjusting a suit

In some cases, the jacket is perfect and the pants are a bit too big, or vice versa. it is then smart to bring it to a tailor in your area. They can easily make your suit fit perfectly for a small amount.