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    An important decision when choosing your wedding suit is what color and style your wedding suit should be. Sometimes it depends on the style of the wedding, so there are many surprising wedding styles nowadays. Styles such as Bohemiam, Beach, Botanic Chic and something blue are styles that you often see nowadays. But our favorite is the 1920s style and Urban Vintage. In addition, nowadays weddings also take often place in winter. The style of the wedding is of course something that you have to determine together. But are you sure what style it will be? Then choosing a wedding suit becomes a lot easier. Important points to pay attention to are also the fit, the fabric and the price. There are so many different wedding suits to choose from. But gray suits or navy blue suits are the most classic options. A navy blue two-button suit is a classic look that works in almost any setting. But do you want a wedding suit that really stands out and with which you can really look good? Then make sure you have a wedding suit with beautiful striking details. A double-breasted waistcoat or a lapel pin on the waistcoat give your suit that little bit more charm. Take a closer look at TheGarrison's wedding suits. We have many suits with beautiful details, like contrasting buttons, astitch that just has a different color, beautiful inner lining or a velvet edge above the pockets. In addition to all these details, we have suits in beautiful colors.

    What is a wedding suit? 

    A wedding suit is a suit in which the jacket and trousers are cut from the same matching fabric. You always buy a wedding suit as a whole, but nowadays you see many different types of colors and options. At the top of this page you can see all our suits that are suitable for weddings. Want to see all our three-piece suits? Then also view our men's suits category page

    What should you pay attention to when buying a suit for your wedding day?

    You probably only wear a wedding suit once in your life. That's why you want to make sure it lasts. A good fabric is a must. You can also look at other features such as buttons and a particular design. Below are some other factors to consider when buying a suit for your wedding day. 

      • Price: How much do you want to spend on your suit? Wedding suits can vary in price, so keep this in mind. 
      • Fabric: The fabric of your wedding suit depends on the season. Wool, for example, is very suitable for winter. If you are getting married in the summer, choose a thinner fabric. 
      • Colour: You have to think about the season, location and color of your wedding. This will help you make the right choice, so that you get married in a suit that suits you perfectly.
      • Wedding Dress: Although the wedding dress often remains a surprise, you can ask your partner what the style of the wedding will be, to match the style of your bride. So ask your partner for advice

      What underwear do you wear under a wedding suit? 

      There are several things you need to take into account. Then it's not just price, fabric and color; the underwear under the wedding suit is also important. Opt for boxer shorts in a dark color. This way you can be sure that your underwear is not transparent and that the lines of the underwear are not visible through the wedding suit. Those are small details, but still very important, and even the smallest details require attention when it comes to your own wedding. At The Garrison we are happy to give advice, so that you feel comfortable in your wedding suit. 

      What is the difference between a normal suit and a wedding suit? 

      Actually, there is not necessarily a difference between a normal suit and a wedding suit. Many people think that you can only wear a wedding suit once, but why not wear your wedding suit more often? If you choose a nice, quality suit, isn't it a shame if it is worn only once? Keep this in mind if you would like to wear your wedding suit more than once. For example, you don't choose a tuxedo as a wedding suit, because it is a bit too elegant for almost all occasions. It is also good to take into account that your wedding suit can differ from what the guests are wearing. As a groom you can stand out a bit. You could also opt for a (contrasting) cardigan to pull over the suit. Everyone will immediately see that you are the one getting married. Not only the bride can stand out on this important day; you can look your best too!

      Lighter colors in summer

      Many men choose the safe option when it comes to their wedding suits. They go for one blue suit or a black suit, and opt for the classic style. Yet nowadays it is also customary to play with the colors of the wedding suit. For example, in the summer you can opt for a light suit, such as a light blue men's suit, or a suit with a beige color. These are generally suits that you can wear more often and are less formal. You can also opt for natural tones in the summer. For example, you can opt for a linen wedding suit, or a suit with white, cotton trousers (but this choice might be a bit daring). By using summery fabrics and shades, you ensure that your suit also matches well with the season. Of course, discuss this with the bride first and let her take the lead!

      What does a wedding suit cost?

      The price of your suit depends on many things, such as the fabric and color you choose, the style and the store you buy it from. Ordering a wedding suit online can be a very good choice to save money. At The Garrison we offer wedding suits in a price range of $250 to $395. We can offer our suits cheaper because we do not have expensive stores and vendors in which we sell the suits. Because of our online approach we can save a lot of money and offer beautiful wedding suits of good quality for good prices. For under $400, you can buy a suit and then have it completely tailored by a tailor for a small amount. Do you still want a suit that is completely tailor-made? Then take into account an amount above $1000.

      Who pays for the groom's suit?

      The groom's family should – by the book – pay for the groom's suit. In practice, this is not always the case, because a suit often costs more than 1000$. Of course, this is a lot of money. That is why the family can also choose to pay for the wedding cake, the ring or the bouquet. The gift from the family is very dependent on the budget available. In practice, however, it often happens that the groom's family pays for the wedding suit. 

      Custom wedding suit

      Your wedding suit should fit well and look good on you. Otherwise it can ruin the whole outfit. If your suit is too big you will look uncomfortable and would feel uncomfortable too. You don't want that on your special day. But if your suit is too small, that can be just as bad. So avoid that your suit is too big or too small and make sure it is properly sized. You can get the perfect fit by having a suit made-to-measure or by having an existing suit made-to-measure. At The Garrison, we always go for the second choice: have an existing suit mad-to-measure. The big advantage of this is the price. When you use our size advice tool, chances are that your suit will fit perfectly. But isn't this the case. Then you can easily have the suits of The Garrison adjusted by a tailor. Do you want to know what you can do to get your wedding suit perfectly tailored? Then check out the video below.

      Buy a wedding suit at The Garrison

      A wedding suit is something you will probably only wear once in your life. Finding the right one can be difficult, if you want a good quality wedding suit for the best price. Then order a wedding suit at The Garrison by using the size advice tool and have it adjusted by a tailor for the best fit. Are you stuck? No problem, let us know via the green button at the bottom right and we will be happy to help you.