Brown suit


    Brown suit, perfect for every gentleman

    In a brown suit you will always look your best. Especially if you go for a brown suit in tweed style. One that completely suits your image and boosts your self-confidence. We offer this kind of brown suits at The Garrison; stylish men's suits, with beautiful details and a perfect fit.

    Why choose a brown suit?

    Brown men's suits reflect the color of nature, reminding us of earthy tones, such as trees and animals. Because of this association with nature, brown is seen as a sincere color. It is also considered a very masculine color. This is probably why more and more men are opting for brown men's suits and the demand is increasing. We also see this at The Garrison. More and more men choose a brown suit, for example as a suit for work or to wear during their wedding

    The alternative to a gray or (navy) blue suit

    Many men struggle to move away from traditional colors such as gray in navy blue, when it comes to suits. Still, a brown suit is an excellent alternative. It gives a more subtle look than black or gray and is less formal than a navy blue suit. Brown is therefore a stylish choice for men who want something different from the standard colors and want to look casual. 

    Brown tweed suits in 1920 style

    Brown tweed suits fit very well in the 1920s style and are now back in fashion. At The Garrison we don't offer plain and boring suits, but beautiful tailored options. This way you can look perfect, even if you want to go to a special occasion in 1920 style.

    Brown men's suit for summer and winter

    A brown suit is a versatile garment that can be worn all year round. It is perfect to wear in the transition from summer to autumn, and from winter to spring. A brown suit is a good investment for men looking for a piece of clothing that is suitable for all seasons. 

    At The Garrison, we have several 3 piece men's suits. Suits that are suitable for summer, but also for winter. If you have a wedding, a brown suit made of thin tweed fabric is a perfect choice. Many people think that tweed fabrics are only suitable for winter, but at The Garrison we also offer plenty of brown tweed suits that you can wear perfectly in the summer. These suits are airy and ventilate extra well. This way you can also keep it well during a hot summer day. 

    Get married in a brown suit

    A brown suit can be a great choice for a groom looking for a unique and stylish look on their wedding day. But how do you combine a brown suit correctly? The answer is simple: with neutral colors such as black, white and gray. The beauty of a brown suit is that you can combine it with different shades of brown. From beige to cognac, everything works. It is important to get the right shoes and accessories to complete the look. In addition to brown, green and red are also very fashionable as a color for a men's suit. That is also a very good choice if you want something different than a standard blue or black suit.

    Casual look during your wedding? That is also possible!

    For the groom looking for a casual look, a brown suit pairs perfectly with jeans. This gives a relaxed look and creates a unique, fashionable look. Keep in mind that you should discuss this with the bride. If she is planning on a very formal attire, your casual suit may look out of place. This is also not good for the wedding photos, so discuss this well in advance. 

    Brown suits are becoming increasingly popular for men 

    Did you know that brown suits are becoming more and more popular for weddings? According to a recent survey, more than 20% of grooms in the Netherlands wear a brown suit on their wedding day. Another advantage of a brown suit is that it goes perfectly with warm tones. This makes the suit extra suitable for a fall or winter wedding. The warm colors create a cozy and romantic atmosphere on your wedding day.

    Accessories for your brown suit

    Match your brown suit with matching accessories. So that you will soon be dressed like a real gentleman, whether you choose an everyday suit or a wedding suit. Accessories as a pocketwatch or a knitted one tie are perfect to add to your suit. In addition, a white shirt is always a good choice to complete your outfit.

    What color tie with a brown suit? 

    When it comes to choosing the tie for a brown suit, there are several options to choose from. One of the most chosen options with a brown suit is a burgundy tie. This is always good. 

    A plain burgundy tie provides a striking and elegant look, and can be worn on a white or light blue shirt, for example. Do you want to stand out more with your outfit? Then choose a striped or checkered burgundy tie. This one goes well with a plain shirt, of course in a similar color tone.

    As a final tip, it is important to remember that the tie should always be slightly darker than the shirt, and that the width of the tie should match the width of the jacket lapel. Following these guidelines will make it even easier for you to get a matching tie to choose from. 

    What shoes under a brown suit? 

    It is important to take into account the color of your shoes if you opt for a brown men's suit. In general, the rule is that the darker the suit, the darker the shoes should be. However, if your suit is light enough, light brown or beige shoes can work well. Black shoes are best avoided in many cases. Instead, try playing with different shades of brown. For example, a light brown suede loafer often looks great with a brown suit.

    What color shirt under a brown suit? 

    A brown suit can be combined with different colored shirts depending on the look you want to achieve. For a more formal look, for example, choose a white or light blue shirt. These colors contrast beautifully with the brown suit and give a classic look. For a more informal look, choose a shirt in a warmer color, such as beige, cream or light brown. These colors complement the brown of the suit well, and immediately create a softer appearance.

    Buy your brown men's suit at The Garrison 

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