Zo maak je van je trouwdag een onvergetelijke dag!

That's how you make your wedding an unforgettable day!

This is how you make your wedding day an unforgettable day

When you get married, a lot has to be arranged. At least, if you want to make it a beautiful and unforgettable day with family and friends. Even if you celebrate your wedding in a relatively small circle, there are necessary preparations to make. Some couples start even a year in advance. That is not always necessary, but if you have very special wishes, it is really not that bad to arrange the first things for the wedding so far in advance. Especially if you want to get married on a date that is popular. Getting married on Friday is also still very popular, because many people have Saturdays off and can therefore celebrate unimpeded on Friday evening. We are happy to give you some tips to enjoy your wedding day in a relaxed way.

The most important things: the wedding date and location

Of course one thing is essential: when will the wedding take place? That date must first be chosen, from there you can start 'the countdown'. When should things be arranged to be on time for the wedding date? The most important matters are usually discussing the location where the wedding will take place and the party location. Nowadays you no longer have to get married at the town hall, there are very beautiful locations available where a wedding can be performed. Keep in mind that getting married 'on location' is more expensive than when you have the wedding celebrated at the town hall.

How is marriage celebrated?

You can celebrate a wedding in different ways. You can give a short reception, but also a spectacular wedding party. If you invite your guests for the whole day, you have to take into account that they have to eat. Many locations that offer a banquet hall also have the option of a dinner or buffet. Think about how many people you want to invite for dinner, the kitchen likes to know this well in advance so they know how many people to expect. For the party, which usually starts around 8 p.m. after dinner, you can of course invite more people. The number of guests for the party in the evening should also be approximately known, the party room you rent will be tailored to the number of guests. You can usually assume that approximately 2/3 of the people you invite will actually come. After all, there are always people who are unable to attend or who will not come anyway, or who, for example, sends a congratulations card by post.

What is the groom wearing?

Once the date and location have been arranged, there is another very important matter to arrange: the clothing of the bride and groom and any bridal children. The groom, of course, goes in a nice tailor-made suit, such as from The Garrison. They offer an extensive collection of tailored suits in Peaky Blinders style. This style dates back to the 1920s and is back in fashion today. This is mainly due to the TV series of the same name. A tailored suit in this style does not have to be expensive at all. Even if you don't have an infinite budget for the wedding and therefore also for the clothing, you can still wear a beautifully tailored suit in which you can shine next to your beautiful bride.

Say yes to the dress

Before a bride says yes, she must first say yes to the dress she will wear on the most beautiful day of her life. There are so many different wedding dresses for sale that there really is a beautiful outfit for every bride. Even if you are not a 'dress girl' and would prefer to get married in your skinny jeans. And even if you don't have a size 2, you can still find a beautiful wedding dress in which you look your best. In a bridal boutique you can usually get good advice. The saleswoman looks at your figure and your appearance and will use this to make suggestions for a suitable dress if you find it difficult to choose something yourself. But if you already have a clear idea in advance about how your dress should look like, that is of course also fine. If you know that the groom is going to wear for the Peaky Blinders style then it is of course appropriate to join in, even though the dress must traditionally remain a secret from the groom until he sees his bride at the wedding.

How do you dress the bridesmaids?

Will there be bridesmaids at the wedding? Then it is tradition that they are dressed in the same style as the bridal couple. So the groomsmen in one mini version of the suit of the groom and the bridesmaids in a beautiful dress in the same style as that of the bride. Young bridesmaids, think of toddler age, can carry a basket of flowers that they can sprinkle. Older bridesmaids often like to wear a mini bridal bouquet. The groomsmen are of course especially tough and are allowed to accompany the ladies.

Zo maak je van je trouwdag een onvergetelijke dag!

What else needs to be arranged for the perfect wedding day?

The wedding location, the banquet hall and the clothing of the bridal couple and any bridal children and the catering are the most important matters that need to be arranged for the wedding day. But there are of course also some 'side issues' that deserve attention. If you go get married Peaky Blinders style then it is also nice to have the party venue in this style. It is often possible to do this a day in advance. If you have a wedding planner, in case you want to have a relaxed wedding day, they will take care of it all. Even the present that you give to the guests to thank them for coming can be done in this hip vintage style. There are plenty of ideas online. With these tips, your wedding day will be a wonderful occasion that you will look back on with great pleasure.