Tips to wear a suit in style at Christmas

The holidays are the right days to unpack and show yourself from your best side. If you are usually used to wearing a suit, then you already know how to look good in it. With Christmas approaching, you naturally want to add to this and leave a crushing impression on every guest present at the Christmas dinner. With the outfits of The Garrison you will certainly succeed. Here you will find beautiful suits that reflect the style and class of the early 1920s and 1930s, when men still wore beautiful 3-piece suits in beautiful Tweed fabrics. In the period of The Great Gatsby and Peaky Blinders, people knew how to appear optimally dressed on the scene. Here are some tips for wearing a suitable suit in style for Christmas.

Tip 1. choose a tailor-made suit

Nothing looks better on you than a tailored suit. Ordering clothes online sometimes makes it difficult to be sure that the suit actually fits properly. It is certainly necessary to determine exactly what your measurements are, so that you can order the right suit. The costumes at The Garrison are available in different sizes, so there is always a size that fits your stature and height. You can easily indicate your weight and they can tell you exactly which size will be most suitable via the chat. You can always have the suit taken in by a tailor, so that everything is adjusted to size. You can count on a suit that fits perfectly and you will not pay too much for it.

Tip 2. Go to a tailor

If the suit still does not fit to your liking, then a visit to the tailor is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Not one suit usually fits right away, so you are often forced to call in the help of a tailor. This is certainly no exception with the suits from The Garrison, but you have the advantage over other shops that the prices for your suit or suit are affordable. As a result, you never pay more than necessary and you may only have to have minor alterations carried out. Since you always have to have something adjusted to a costume, choosing a costume at The Garrison is certainly an excellent choice. This way you have an excellent fitting suit for Christmas that will look chic.

Tip 3. Attention to length of jackets

The jacket of a 3-piece suit determines to some extent the entire look of your outfit. It is important that the back of the jacket completely covers the place on which you are sitting. It is certainly not nice if your jacket hangs a few centimeters above the seating area. Therefore, choose a nicely tailored jacket that fits well with the length of your torso. This looks a lot more chic and it is clear to everyone that you have really paid attention to your outfit. At The Garrison you will find 3 piece suits with beautiful jackets, which can be ordered to size. With careful advice you can always find the right size for your jackets and be sure to make a stylish impression.

Tips om in stijl een pak te dragen met kerst

Tip 4. Choose length according to the golden rule

If you want to order a nice new jacket for Christmas, in beautiful Great Gatsby style or completely in line with the popular Peaky Blinders series, then you've come to the right place at The Garrison. There is a golden rule to choose the right size for the jacket. The sleeve of the jacket should never go beyond the base of your palm and certainly should not be higher than your wrist. Your trousers also have a certain correct length, where the hem should touch the top of your shoe. If you follow these rules of thumb when ordering your suit, you can actually be confident that you will appear stylish at Christmas dinner.

Tip 5. Choose the right materials

The material from which your suit is made largely determines how stylish you come across. The suits from The Garrison are made from Heren Tweed Vintage materials, with a combination of polyester and soft wool. This gives that warm, pleasant appearance with which many men managed to make a stylish impression at the time of the Speakeasy. Other suits also contain viscose and Spandex, so you can achieve an ideal fit. Such suits can be worn excellently at Christmas, but are also exceptionally suitable for other occasions, such as weddings or parties. If you are planning to get married around Christmas, choosing a suit at The Garrison is the best choice.