Order suit online or trying it in a store?

We often get the question whether there is a possibility to physically try on our tailor-made suits before you order. Well, at we are fully focused on order online and we have the perfect online tools to do this well without pre-fitting. Here we explain in full how you can order a tailored suit online in a good way. But because we don't want to deprive you of the chance to try it on beforehand, we have set up a great collaboration with our Premium Partner PeakyHats. After reading this, you can choose for yourself what you prefer.

Order a tailored suit online.

At The Garrison we have made ordering a tailored suit online very easy. Through a size tool in which you can easily calculate your size by means of your height and weight and then order with free shipping and returns. You can easily order a tailored suit at home and try it on the next day. Due to the calculation of the size tool, your tailored suit is often right from the start. But does this not seem to be the case after fitting and is a small adjustment still needed? Then you can easily have it done at a tailor in your area.​​​​

A form with a QR code for customizing your suit is included in your order. You can scan this QR code with your phone, after which you will see the best tailors in your area on your phone. They can make almost any adjustment needed to make your suit perfect. Think of sleeves that are too long or short and trouser legs that are too long, too short or too wide. Tighten a suit that is too loose or extend a pair of trousers that are too tight. It's all possible. An adjustment is often done in no time and does not cost much. This way you quickly have a perfectly tailored suit for a good price.
Did you order the suit online and tried it on, but it really doesn't fit right? Then you can return for free within 14 days via our return portal. Here you can indicate that you want to exchange the suit for a larger or smaller size. When the return arrives at us, it will be processed the day of arrival or a day later.​​​​​


Fit in style physically

Do you still want to try on your suit so that you are completely sure that you ordered the right size? Then we now have a great opportunity for that. Through a great collaboration with our premium partner Peaky Hats we can offer a great fitting experience. It's about a real men's night! An experience in which you and your friends, father or brothers can fit and order it in style. Do you want to know more about this? Check on this page how you can live this experience!​​​​​​​​​

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