In style, making extra money as a Barber

Do you ever wonder what else you can do to earn some extra money? Maybe you are a barber and want to generate some extra income for yourself. Or do you have your own Barbershop and do you want to have an extra source of income in addition to cutting to increase your turnover.

Why not use what you have in your home and make extra money by promoting the great authentic clothing style that comes with a barber? A clothing style that you are enthusiastic about and that your colleagues or staff wear all day long. That is why at we have thought about how you can do this properly and we came up with a great concept that ensures that you can earn extra money by promoting our authentic clothing style.

We have many Barbershops and barbers as customers and we often hear that their customers are extremely enthusiastic about their clothing style. That is why we have created a platform where you can easily create an account and then generate a personal link that refers to TheGarrison. When people end up at TheGarrison through that link and make a purchase, you earn money. When you register, you will immediately receive a personal discount code in your account that you can give to people to order. This way you can make people extra enthusiastic to make a purchase.


How do I earn extra money as a barber?

As a barber you spend a lot of time talking to your customers. Many customers love the style of a barber and are therefore looking for a shop for a good outfit! Here you can make a difference and earn money as an ambassador of our style!

Do you have to do a lot for this, or invest money yourself? No, that is certainly not necessary. The great thing about our concept is that you can refer enthusiastic people via your own personal link. When they make a purchase after this referral you will receive 8% of the purchase amount! So all you need is a phone with the app to forward the link and keep track of your sales. Of course it is useful that you walk in style yourself. So that people get excited about your outfit and you can refer them more easily.

Extra income for my Barbershop

Are you the owner of a Barbershop and looking for extra income? Then you can choose to use your barber shop to get people excited about the style. Create an account and your own link with which you can refer people to the website. You can even choose to put flyers or a stand in your waiting area with your personal QR code. So that people can scroll through the website while waiting and get excited before they even sit in the chair. If you have created an account, ask us for an original discount code. So that we can create a discount code with the name of your company.

How much extra money can I earn as a barber?

Good question! Of course you want to know what to expect. To give you an example, we make a calculation for you. Most people who make a purchase from us buy a 3-piece suit with shirt and some accessories. Think of a tie, a pocketwatch or shoes.

Most orders are therefore above $300. When you have referred someone and they make a purchase, within 30 days you will receive your $24, for that order.

Suppose you get 10 people enthusiastic in a month who make such a purchase. Then you have earned an extra $240. In addition, a monthly bonus is also paid if your referrals buy more than $3000 per month. You will then receive another $100 bonus. Which quickly brings you to $340 per month.

Are you enthusiastic and got many successful referrals? Then you can also earn more money.

If you use your team to refer people, you have a better chance of selling more and you will also earn more.​​​​​​​​​

Additional tips to become successful

If you actively engage in this, it can become very successful. That is why we give a number of tips on how to approach this successfully.

  • Dress in style to elicit responses and act accordingly.
  • Are they looking for the style you wear or do they have a wedding or other occasion soon? Tell them that they should also take a look at and refer them with your own personal link and discount code.
  • You can also create a QR code to refer people. Use the waiting time in the waiting area to get people to shop. Place a stand, a poster or flyers with your personal QR code and discount code in the waiting area so that they can scan it with their phone.
  • Use your acquaintances and give them own link and discount code if people are looking for a suit.
  • Use your social media channels.
  • Be creative!

How do I register?

Do you want to sign up and start earning extra money as a barber? Sign up via the button below. ​​​​​​​Do you think it would be interesting to start with this, but do you still have questions? Then let us know via the chat icon at the bottom left. 👍