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Buy cheap suit

A 3-piece suit can be purchased quite cheaply, as long as you take into account the things we described to you above. Good luck in your search for your new 3-piece suit. Looking for a cheap suit? Then take a look at our shop.

Did you know that a cheap suit can be just as comfortable as an expensive 3-piece suit? Often cheaper fabrics are used more than with the more expensive models. Does that decrease the quality of the suit? No, not at all. After all, what matters is that it is comfortable and that you actually wear it. We think that every man should have a 3-piece suit in his closet. But we also understand that a tailored suit is not for everyone. Affordable, good looking 3 piece suits pop up like mushrooms from the ground. This means for you that you can still score a relatively good 3-piece suit for less money. We just don't advise you to pull the first suit off the shelves, because we'd like to offer you some tips to give your 3-piece suit a more luxurious look.

Which fabric suits a good and cheap suit?

Wool is perhaps the first thing you think of when you want to buy a 3-piece suit. Wool fits well and also breathes. But there are good alternatives to wool these days. For example, you can buy beautiful men's suits made of polyester in combination with wool. For example, we have many suits with a combination of 70% polyester and 30% wool. Which is a perfect combination for an affordable and beautiful suit. Did you know that linen or a blend with silk, for example, is a very good alternative for the summer? That is why it is important that you do not rely on your gut if you want to purchase a 3-piece suit, but simply check the label and see what the suit is made of. You can also have some wishes if you are going to buy a cheap suit, right?

Which suit color suits you?

I advise you not to experiment with colors when you buy your first 3-piece suit. What it actually means is that you better stay away from bright colors or separate patterns. That will only ensure that your new 3-piece suit is more closely inspected and scrutinized by interested parties.

Did you know that dark colors can hide any production errors? This is very handy if you want to buy a cheap suit. In addition, a suit in a simple color is a lot easier to combine than a suit that you can only wear once a year. Therefore, stick to the classic colors if you are going to purchase a 3-piece suit. Think of colors such as dark blue, dark gray or perhaps dark red. These standard colors just look good on every man. If you want to consider a 4th option for a color, keep dark brown in mind.


Canvas from a cheap suit

Did you know that with tailor-made suits the canvas is attached by hand, so that the jacket molds to your body? This way of working optimizes the fit of the jacket. In cheaper 3-piece suits, the same canvas is often glued, with the result that the jacket does not mold to your body. Did you also know that the glue can come off when it comes into contact with water?

It is worth investing in a jacket that is at least half stitched and half glued. This creates a better fit in certain places. So buying a cheap suit is fine, but these are just the things you should pay attention to. How do you actually check this? Simple: by feeling with your fingertips between the two buttons of the jacket whether there is still a layer of fabric between the fabrics. Isn't this there? Then it is better to hang the jacket back in the rack.

At The Garrison, all our suits are stitched and nothing is glued. With us you always have a beautiful men's suit for a good price.

Fit slim fit or regular fit

The fit is everything when purchasing a 3-piece suit, whether it's a cheap or a more expensive suit: it doesn't matter. If a tailored suit is indeed above your budget, at least have a tailor make certain adjustments, such as shortening the trousers or taking a couple of sizes off your suit. This way your jacket is just a bit tighter around your body, and it follows your body shape just a bit better. A tailor shouldn't make much more adjustments than this.

You choose the right fit in the store. A slim fit or a straight fit can already make a huge difference. A smart move is to put on a blouse under the jacket when purchasing a 3-piece suit. That way you not only know whether the suit fits your shirt, but this way you also feel whether it is comfortable.
Some things to watch out for are:

  • The seams of the sleeve should be against your arm
  • The collar should lightly touch your neck
  • Shoulders should not be too large or too tight
    Furthermore, in principle everything can be adjusted by your tailor, but always make sure that no major adjustments have to be made. Therefore, when purchasing a cheap or more expensive 3-piece suit, make sure that the fit is 80% correct.

Dress up a cheap suit with accessories

If your budget is indeed limited, you can go for a cheap suit. But did you know that investing in the details just gives a suit a much more luxurious look?

So take a look at a nice tie for example. You can already have a nice tie for around 70 dollars. Alternate this with a colored pocket square to easily bring your cheap 3-piece suit to another level. The little things make an outfit complete.


No inspiration? Perhaps the 1920s style is for you!

That is why it is also advisable to pay a little more money for a good shirt. This way you always look super good, and no one knows that you went for a budget 3-piece suit this time.


A 3-piece suit can be purchased quite cheaply. As long as you take into account the things we described above. Good luck in your search for your new 3-piece suit. Looking for a cheap suit? Then take a look at our shop.