Three-piece suit / business or casual?

Three-piece suit

aA three-piece suit is always beautiful. But when do you actually wear a three-piece suit? Casual or business occasions?

In 1920, it wasn't just the Peaky Blinders who wore suits every day. Everyone was a big fan of it.

Nowadays you see it more and more in the streets, but a suit is often worn also in a business or festive occasion.

Men with a three-piece suit exude class and style. So go crazy and find an outfit that you can wear more often.


Three - piece suit Navy Blue pinstripe

This beautiful suit is a real classic in the 1920s style. Completely redesigned, the suit is slim fit and the Gilet is Double Breasted.

The suit consists of a waistcoat, trousers, a jacket and a hanky. It is navy blue with pinstripes. This suit is truly 1920's Peaky Blinders Mafia style.

With this three-piece suit you will surely attract attention!

Complete a three-piece suit with accessories

The ultimate accessory to dress up your 3-piece suit is always the pocket watch. The pocket watch can be nicely attached to your waistcoat.

Three-piece suit for wedding

Do you have a friend or a family member getting married soon? Then a nice suit is definitely a must have!

What could be better than a distinctive suit completely in 1920 style. Something different from the suit you wear to work every day.

At TheGarrison.nl we offer 3-piece suits in all kinds of different sizes, colors and styles.

Take a look around our curated collection and order your suit in the classic Peaky Blinders.


Three-piece business suit

From a business point of view, the right suit can make all the difference. Do you talk to a lot of people in suits during working hours? Then you can look even better with a three-piece suit.

The Navy Blue Pinstripe is a beautiful 3-piece suit that can be worn very well for business.


Order three-piece suit

Do you want to order a nice three-piece suit? Then we have a wonderful offer at TheGarrison.nl. Choose your size and order. Is the suit not quite right? Then you can simply return it.