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3 piece suit

Are you looking for a 3-piece suit? We offer several beautiful 3-piece suits for a good price. TheGarrison has started offering 3-piece suits following the hit series Peaky Blinders. In the series you see, among others, Thomas Shelby in a neat 3-piece suit with striking accessories, like a Pocketwatch and a flat cap. But of course the 3-piece suits that we offer at TheGarrison.nl are not just for the Peaky Blinders enthusiasts.

3-piece suit for a good price.

To provide you with a nice 3-piece suit for a good price, we have selected several styles. So you will find suits in the 1920s style. But also one 3-piece suit for business occasions can be found at TheGarrison.nl

3-piece suit for wedding

Are you looking for a nice suit for a wedding or are you getting married yourself? Then a 3-piece suit including a waistcoat, trousers and jacket are quite an investment. If you go to a store, the prices for wedding suits go up a lot. Many people therefore opt for a wedding suit from TheGarrison.nl, since you have a beautiful suit for a good price.

What if the size is not right?

Of course, you want to make sure that you look good. This means that the suit has to be well-fitting. Many people therefore go to the store to have a suit measured. Which makes the purchase in that store immediately a lot more expensive.

When you buy a suit via TheGarrison.nl and the size is not correct, there is always a possibility to return it. Is the size almost right, but do you still need some adjustments? Then just take it to your local tailor. They can almost always make it perfectly tailored for a small amount. This way you benefit from a perfect 3-piece tailor-made suit for a good price.


Why can TheGarrison deliver so cheaply?

TheGarrison.nl is a webshop without a store. So we have no shopping costs. We deliver everything that is ordered from us directly from the supplier. Which means we also have no storage costs. Do you have further questions? Feel free to contact us via info@thegarrison.nl